The BuyerBridge Account Settings Page

How To Get To The Account Settings Page

The Account Settings page can be located from the navigation menu, drop-down the “global” Account Dashboard > click Account Settings

What’s Included On The Account Settings Page? 

There are 7 parts to the Account Settings Page: Channels Overview, Account Overview, Account Branding, EventFlow, Data Sources, + Users, and Lead Destinations.

Channels Overview

The first thing on the Account Settings page is the “Channels Overview.”

“Channels Overview” will display the channels that you’re currently running ads on (Facebook) along with the channels that are coming soon: Microsoft, TikTok, Snapchat, and Pinterest!

Next to the Channel in Channels Overview, the product(s) associated with each channel that are active/onboarded will be displayed.

At any time, you can click the “Manage” icon in the upper right-hand corner and the account-specific channel settings slide-out panel will display.

Account Overview

The second area of the Account Settings page is “Account Overview.” 

This section will look almost identical to what was displayed on the Account Info page before, but instead of just being able to change the Account’s address, you can also change: the phone number, website, industry, and timezone directly from the Account Overview Card! 

To make changes on the Account Overview card directly: click the Pencil Icon next to the information you wish to change > add updated information > Save.  

Account Branding

The third area of the Account Settings page is “Account Branding.”

In this section, you are able to add a new Logo or make changes to your client’s current Logo that was set up during onboarding.


The section for “EventFlow” can be found next.

If you’re not sure what EventFlow is or just want a refresh, click “Learn More” to read about EventFlow. 

This EventFlow area will display your Site Provider, Website, GTM Container, and GA Properties.

In the upper right corner of the EventFlow card, you will see two icons: View Script and Resend.

  • View Script:
    Click View Script to view your script and Copy your Google Tag Manager Code. 
  • Resend:
    Click Resend for example messaging if you need to obtain approval from your Account and have your site provider install the container using the Account’s approval. 

These were all capabilities that you had before, but has been moved to give you more context and since it is EventFlow specific.

Data Sources

The next area of the “Account Settings” page will be Data Sources. 

Nothing has changed about the Data Sources section from the previous Account Info page, EXCEPT we have added a Resend icon located in the upper right corner. 

Click the Resend icon to display the “Inventory Export Request Emails” slide-out panel for instructions on resending inventory export requests. 

Users & Lead Destinations 

The last sections included on the “Account Settings” page will be Users and Lead Destinations, which has not changed from the previous Account Info page. 

That’s it! These changes are simple and have been made with the goal to make your experience in BuyerBridge even better...but don’t hesitate to reach out to if you have any questions.