BuyerBridge Monitoring System [Phase 1]

The BuyerBridge team has been eager to launch a Monitoring System that provides agency users with the opportunity to get ahead of any issues regarding their clients’ accounts...and Phase 1 is officially launched and live in the BuyerBridge platform! 

With this new feature, your agency will be able to:

  • Determine the status of the account
  • Quickly identify any issues with the account
  • Resolve the specified issue based on the actions required

What Will Be Monitored?

BuyerBridge will be monitoring 15 key processes, and if there are any issues, we will mark them as “Alerts” that are either “Critical” or “Warning” status.

  1. Page access revoked
  2. Page access pending
  3. Pixel underperforming
  4. GTM not detected
  5. Failed payment
  6. Missing payment method
  7. Catalog Pixel events not firing
  8. Disapproved Ad
  9. Inventory not updated recently
  10. Campaigns not spending
  11. Page not published
  12. The app is not subscribed to page lead events
  13. The app is not subscribed to message events
  14. The Chatbot is missing recent conversations
  15. The app is not subscribed to message echo events

Where Can I Find Monitoring?

Agencies will see Account Alerts and Notifications in 3 different locations throughout the platform: the Dealer Dashboard, Agency-Level Monitoring Report, and from a fly-out system that will be accessible from our global menu (showing active alerts for your dealers)!

Dealers will not have access to Monitoring features, that way your Agency can stay ahead of the status of their account.

In the Dealer Dashboard - at the very top, there will be a new Overall Status section that displays Alerts and Notifications for your dealer client's account.

These New Account Alerts and Notifications will include:

  • Status: Warning, Critical
  • Issue: ex. “We’ve lost access to your Facebook Page…”
  • Action Needed to resolve any errors (ex. Resend Page Request)

To get more details on any Alerts and Notifications or for an account, click See more at the bottom of the Overall Status section. 

This will prompt the display of a slide-out panel that details any of the account's active Alerts. In some instances, your agency can even take actions such as “Change Page” directly from the panel!

The Agency-Level Monitoring Report can be accessed from the BuyerBridge side-menu, under Reseller > Reports > Alerts.

Here you will find our new Communication Central area!

From our new Communication Central screen, agencies will have visibility into everything that has to do with communication for ALL accounts: Status, Dealer, Time Ago, Message, and Actions. 

monitoring image

This table can be filtered by Status, Dealer, Dates, Issues, and more.

All of your Account Alerts and Notifications can be accessed at any time, globally throughout BuyerBridge.

In the upper right-hand corner of BuyerBridge > click on the three-arrow icon

This will automatically slide out a panel that contains all of your agency’s alerts and notifications (for currently selected dealers and all other accounts)!

The global slide-out panel will detail any of the account's active Alerts. In some instances, your agency can even take actions such as “Update Payment Method” directly from the panel!

Screen Shot 2021-06-30 at 3.44.13 PM

If your agency needs further support to better understand how to solve any existing issues, click "Read About ______" to be redirected to documentation relevant to the issue your client's account is experiencing within our support hub.