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Email Templates: Facebook Inventory Ads For Automotive Dealers

Facebook Automotive Inventory Ads Email Sequence

Email 1

Subject Line:
What would the end of (insert month) look like if...


...you could drive 1,000 additional local, In-Market Auto Shoppers straight to your dealership’s VDPs?

With our brand new Inventory Ad playbooks, you can drive immediate results for your dealership that you can track to actual vehicle sales.

The best part? You could be up and running in 24 hours.

Interested? Reply back to me with “Tell me more, ” and I’ll send you more details about exactly how we drive shoppers to your site.

Email 2

Subject Line:
Are you leaving money on the table in your local market?


Tell me - are you on track to hit your dealership’s #s this month?

We have partnered with a number of dealers and are attaining immediate, measurable results with our Facebook Inventory Ads Playbooks.

This program is the perfect, “shot in the arm” solution to driving THOUSANDS of in-market shoppers to your website, and ultimately, help you drive more vehicle sales right NOW.

Reply back to me with “I want more info ” and I’ll show you the playbooks that are yielding the best results for dealers like you.

Email 3

Subject Line:
1 question


Are you still looking to drive more VDP views in (insert month)?

Facebook and Instagram are transforming the ways that dealers reach in-market shoppers in their local communities – and they’re doing it much more cost effectively than with PPC or traditional advertising.

Reply back and let’s chat.

Email 4

Subject Line:
I see it happen all the time...


Dealers won’t admit they’re having a sales problem—until it’s too late.

If your dealership isn’t on track to crush its goals this year… …now is the time to improve your strategy.

If you want to see how my dealer clients are decreasing their cost-per-unit-sold by more than $50, reply back to schedule some time on my calendar.