Facebook Vehicle Advertising Report Enhancements

To make your experience inside of BuyerBridge even more seamless, we are working on making some improvements to our Facebook Vehicle Advertising Report. 

What Is the Facebook Vehicle Advertising Report?

Our Facebook Vehicle Advertising Report contains detailed stats for the performance of any dealer-clients vehicle inventory (so long as the inventory has been or is currently being advertised through BuyerBridge).

What’s Changed In the Facebook Vehicle Advertising Report?

Previously, the Facebook Vehicle Advertising Report only included a "Vehicle Advertising Performance" section - But soon, it will be replaced with 2 new sections: “Vehicle Advertising,” and “Inventory Details.” 

Vehicle Advertising

The Vehicle Advertising table will generate metrics relating to the performance of your clients' ads! Vehicle Advertising will be broken down by inventory and be based on the date range selected.

Generic Vehicle Advertising metrics located on the left of this section will include:

  • Average Spend per VIN
  • Average Days Advertised
  • Average CDP per VIN
    • All Averages are able to be viewed as a total or broken down by New and Used.
  • Total Vehicle Spend
  • Range of Days Advertised
  • Total VDP Views

On the right-hand side of the Vehicle Advertising table, users will have visibility into “MAKE MODEL STATS.” 


“MAKE MODEL STATS” provides you with the ability to view stats specific to the top-performing MAKE/MODEL(s).

The metrics that are generated in this area of the “Vehicle Advertising” section are:

  • Top Impressions
  • Top Content Views
  • Top Clicks
  • Top Leads

Stay tuned: Our team is working on hyperlinking the Top-performing vehicles so that users can click on any of the MAKE/MODELS and be redirected to the exact VIN, but until then:
  • [Pro Tip] To view the actual Top Performing Vehicle, aka VIN, for a specific “MAKE/MODEL:” 
    • Filter the “Inventory Details” section (located below “Vehicle Advertising”) by Make/Model

    • Next, click on the name of the metric (from the “Inventory Details” table header) to reorder the vehicles from highest performing to lowest for that specific metric.

Inventory Details

The new Inventory Details section is where users will be able to locate a breakdown for each individual vehicle in the dealer-client’s inventory. 

Users will be able to view a detailed breakdown of each vehicle, that way; you and your dealer-client will know and be able to easily keep track of what vehicles are being advertised. 

Note: This audit/report will be broken out by total New/Used vehicles!

From the Inventory Details section of the report, users will be able to click on a specific vehicle's VIN - which will display a “Vehicle Details” slide-out panel. 

Vehicle Details Panel

Reminder: You can access the Vehicle Details Panel by clicking on the VIN of the specific vehicle you want to view additional details for.

Once you have clicked on the vehicle’s VIN, the “Vehicle Details Panel” will slide out and display the following: 

  • VIN
  • Price
  • Mileage
  • Make
  • Model
  • Color
  • + More

If you would like to view the VDP on the dealer-client’s website, all you have to do is click on the “View VDP” icon in the upper right corner of the panel. 

Users will also have the ability to access all of the images for that vehicle from this panel by clicking on the “Gallery” icon located in the upper right of the panel.

We will be sure to let you know when these updates to the Facebook Vehicle Advertising report are LIVE in the dashboard!