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Facebook Marketplace Listing Provider Removal

⚠️  Important:  Marketplace Tool Will Soon Be Removed ⚠️

Due to Facebook’s continued deprecation of Facebook Marketplace Posting on behalf of Dealership Pages, we will soon be removing the Facebook Marketplace Posting Tool from our platform on 10/1/22. Click here to learn more.

As a valued BuyerBridge partner, we want to inform you of an announcement we received from Facebook regarding automotive Marketplace listings...

As of September 13th, 2021, Facebook has discontinued the distribution of inventory partner catalog listings on Facebook Marketplace.

Here's WHY: 

  • According to the statement, this shift is due to recent consumer trends and increased demand on Facebook for shipped goods with an onsite checkout.
  • Facebook is choosing to prioritize and reallocate internal product resources to meet this demand.

What Does This Mean?

This discontinuation will impact the current process for all listing providers (like BuyerBridge) to bulk upload and maintain dealership Marketplace listings at scale through the use of Marketplace catalogs and Facebook’s API.

As an alternative, Facebook’s correspondence states that “the vehicle category on Marketplace and the ability to list vehicles manually will remain unchanged.”

In other words, after September 13th, Facebook will be encouraging manual uploads to Marketplace through the "Manage Inventory" tab on their Business Page. If you do not see the Manage Inventory tab, you may need to open a support ticket.

🚨  IMPORTANT: This change will only applies to Marketplace catalogs and Automotive Inventory Ads (AIA) catalogs will remain unaffected.

But don’t worry. While Facebook is encouraging manual uploads to Marketplace as an alternative, we have recently built a new Facebook Marketplace solution for BuyerBridge partners.

👀  TIP: Considering that on September 13th, all listings posted through automation will be removed, we suggest agencies begin posting them manually - ASAP! 

Changes You Can Expect In The BuyerBridge Platform 

We're so excited to be able to provide our new Facebook Marketplace solution to BuyerBridge Partners.

BuyerBridge has invested heavily in ad tech and inventory management to help agencies and dealers scale...we will continue to work towards creating a solution that allows us to continue offering a great experience to the auto community via an automated approach.

🚨  IMPORTANT: This is not an automated solution YET. Action is required from you by September 10th to avoid any loss in Marketplace listing syndication through BuyerBridge.

In preparation for our automated solution, BuyerBridge will be removing Marketplace features that were dependent on the "legacy" posting solution - which is being deprecated.

Here are the changes being made inside of the platform:

  • You will no longer see the following reports in the BuyerBridge Navigation Menu:
    • Facebook Marketplace report (Dealer and Reseller)
    • Inventory Health Report (Dealer and Reseller)
  • The Facebook Metric Funnel will no longer display the Marketplace tab. 
  • There will no longer be a Marketplace stats card within the Facebook Dashboard.
  • We added a new step in onboarding that will be static when a user signs up for Marketplace product (Page access will not be required for Marketplace, will be required for Marketplace+).
  • Marketplace Catalog will be removed from the Facebook Channel Settings page. 

To learn more,  email support@buyerbridge.io

Until then, we’ve covered some of the most frequently asked questions here.