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Facebook Marketplace Listing Provider Removal Q & A


⚠️  Important:  Marketplace Tool Will Soon Be Removed ⚠️

Due to Facebook’s continued deprecation of Facebook Marketplace Posting on behalf of Dealership Pages, we will soon be removing the Facebook Marketplace Posting Tool from our platform on 10/1/22. Click here to learn more.

Q: Does this change only affect BuyerBridge?

A: No, this change will affect all Facebook Marketplace Inventory Partners, and any dealership that is posting Marketplace Listings through a Marketplace Inventory Partner.

Q: Can I still post dealership inventory to Facebook Marketplace?

A: Yes. Prior to September 13th, 2021, dealership inventory will continue to be syndicated to Facebook Marketplace listings through BuyerBridge. The deprecation in September will impact the current process for listing providers like BuyerBridge, and BuyerBridge’s agencies/resellers, to bulk upload and maintain dealership Marketplace listings at scale through the use of catalogs and Facebook’s API.

Q: What will happen to my dealer clients' current Facebook Marketplace listings that are automated?

A: Your dealer clients' Facebook Marketplace inventory will continue to be syndicated to Facebook Marketplace listings through BuyerBridge as usual until September 13th, 2021. After September 13th, automated Facebook Marketplace listings will no longer be supported and 

🚨 IMPORTANT: On Monday, September 13th your dealer clients' existing listings will be removed from Facebook Marketplace. Your agency or clients will need to go ahead and manually add used vehicle listings back to Marketplace.

Q: Does this change affect my clients' Automotive Inventory Ads (including On-Facebook or Website AIA)?

A: No, your dealers' Automotive Inventory Ads, either On-Facebook or their website, will not be affected by the removal of Marketplace Listing Providers, as they use separate inventory catalogs and processes.

Q: Does this affect the Vehicles tab on my Facebook Page?

A: Until September 13th, 2021, vehicles posted through BuyerBridge to Facebook Marketplace will still show under the Facebook Page's Vehicle Tab. We are researching the long-term effects with the Facebook Autos team.

Q: Do I have to manually post and manage inventory to Facebook Marketplace after September 13th, 2021?

A: Yes. As of September 13th, Facebook will encourage manual uploads to the platform via the Vehicles Tab as an alternative to bulk Marketplace management. To help with manual listings on Facebook Marketplace, our BuyerBridge team has worked hard to develop a new Facebook Marketplace Manual Solution. Stay tuned for more information...  

👀  We plan to continue working towards developing another Facebook Marketplace tool that enables BuyerBridge users to automate the process of posting listings, as well as manage them.  

Q: How do I post dealership inventory to Facebook Marketplace manually?

A: You can follow the directions provided by Facebook.

Q: What message should I relay to my dealership clients and when?

A: While communicating about this change to your clients will be very important as the September deadline approaches, we recommend waiting until we have the additional information from the Facebook Autos team on possible alternatives, as well as resources that can help guide both your agency and your clients through any new processes.

Q: Will Marketplace reporting still be available in BuyerBridge?

A: Facebook Marketplace reporting will still be available until September 2021. We are still researching how we can maintain this for dealers in BuyerBridge with the Facebook Autos team.