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Facebook Marketplace Solution [Editable Agency Sales Assets]

⚠️  Important:  Marketplace Tool Will Soon Be Removed ⚠️

Due to Facebook’s continued deprecation of Facebook Marketplace Posting on behalf of Dealership Pages, we will soon be removing the Facebook Marketplace Posting Tool from our platform on 10/1/22. Click here to learn more.

Take advantage of these 3 agency sales assets to help your clients get their vehicles back on Facebook Marketplace after the discontinuation of listing automation (September 13th, 2021): 

  1. “How To Use The Facebook Marketplace Management Tool” Dealer Guide (editable doc)
  2. Facebook Marketplace Solution (slide-deck)
  3. Facebook Marketplace Solution Email Sequence 

What’s Inside Of The “How To Use The Facebook Marketplace Management Tool” Dealer Guide?

Our “How To Use The Facebook Marketplace Management Tool [For Dealers]” document provides your agency with a Dealer Guide that you can:

  • Brand
  • Edit
  • And send to your dealer clients to help them navigate the tool themselves

Access & Start Editing Now! 

Marketplace Management Tool Dealer Guide

  1. Login to your Google account. (If you do not have one, you can easily create one for free.)

  2. Open the Google Doc here.
  3. Go to File > Make a copy.

  4. Search for all instances of { {Agency Name} } and replace them with your business name where applicable.
  5. Add your logo to the header by double-clicking on the placeholder LOGO image to access the header editor, then right-click on the image and select "Replace." (You can also delete the logo placeholder if you desire.)

That's it! Now you can go to File > Download as PDF or distribute to your clients however you see fit.

What’s Inside Of The “Facebook Marketplace Solution” Slide-Deck?

Our “Facebook Marketplace Solution” slide deck includes 20 slides that go over:

  • Facebook Marketplace Listing Provider Removal (the problem)
  • Facebook Marketplace Management Tool (the solution)
    • What it is, the pain points it solves, & what it looks like in action
  • Automated solution (coming soon)
    • What it is, requirements for using, & how the solution works

Access & Start Editing Now! 

Facebook Marketplace Solution Slide Deck

  1. Click here to access the editable version of our “Facebook Marketplace Solution” slide deck in Google Slides.
  2. Make a copy of the presentation by clicking File > Make a Copy > Entire Presentation.
  3. Start editing! 

Customize the color, size, style, and more elements of the slide deck, including: 

  • Logo
  • Text
  • Specified shapes

To replace the "LOGO" placeholder with your agency's logo:

  1. From the menu toolbar located above the slide deck, click Slide > Edit Theme
  2. Navigate to the slide located underneath the "Theme" section.
  3. Select the "LOGO" placeholder and delete it. 
  4. Drag and drop OR click insert image to insert your agency's logo to the theme slide. Resize and move the logo to where you want it...all done!

Now your agency can show your dealers exactly how the new Marketplace Management Tool will provide them with a helping hand as they post their inventory to Marketplace!

“Facebook Marketplace Solution” Email Sequence

Email 1

How to keep your inventory on Facebook Marketplace 


As of September 13, 2021, Facebook has discontinued the automated syndication of inventory to Facebook Marketplace.

While Facebook is still allowing dealerships to post manually, this can take HOURS of your time. And if your inventory goes unposted, you risk losing exposure to the more than 20M monthly auto shoppers who are on the platform.  

So, what is the solution? Our new Facebook Marketplace Management Tool! 

Our Facebook Marketplace Management Tool delivers a ‘To-Do’ list with copy & paste actions that allow you to post your vehicles to Facebook Marketplace much faster and more efficiently

Ready to learn more? Reply back “YES” to schedule a call! 

Email 2


Don’t miss out on 20M organic auto shoppers! 


For dealers, the ability to automate vehicle listings on Facebook Marketplace is now in the rearview mirror - and any vehicle listings posted via automation have been removed...

...which means making sure your inventory gets back on the platform is imperative

But don’t worry, our new Facebook Marketplace Management Tool is here to lend your dealership a helping hand.

While it still requires some manual lift, it drastically reduces the time you’ll have to spend identifying which vehicles need to be listed, updated, or removed from the platform. 

Go ahead and reply back with “SHOW ME” to see the tool in action. 

Email 3


Facebook Marketplace’s Secret Weapon 


Facebook Marketplace has been an excellent and easy way for dealers to effectively reach in-market auto shoppers in their area WITHOUT having to put $$$ behind ads! 

It’s been a “can’t miss” opportunity for every dealership, but now that automation is gone, many dealers are going to be missing out.

That’s why we dropped our new Facebook Marketplace Management Tool, to take a ton of manual work out of identifying and posting your inventory. 

Not all dealers have a secret weapon like this, so make sure you take advantage of this unique opportunity to list 100% of your inventory (while your competitors aren’t)! 

Hit me back with “IM READY” for details on how we can get you access to our new tool.