Gain Access to Clients' Feed and Website Faster

Use this template in client onboarding to reduce days of setup.

Many agencies and vendors experience long onboarding experiences due to delays in getting access to client assets like their feed provider or adding Google Tag Manager (GTM) code to their clients website. 

If you need to gain access to your clients website inventory feed or place a pixel on their website it's best to get "Client Approval" upfront in your agreement/contract signature phase.

  1. Download this Word Document template.
    Google Tag Manager & Feed Provider Authorization Template
  2. Modify for your brand. Replace <your company name> with your Company Name and insert your logo into the <insert your logo here> header section.
  3. Add this document to your Docusign or e-signature process.

    👍 Pro tip: fill out the client information for them so all they need to do is sign.

BuyerBridge will also assist you during onboarding with pre-canned email templates and provider contact information to help you move faster during client onboarding. 

We hope this helps make client onboarding faster!