Global Dealer Dashboard

Although new channels like Snapchat, TikTok, and Pinterest are still in the Best Test phase, it’s critical that our platform is capable of supporting these platforms once they are available…

...which is exactly why the Dealer Dashboard experience will not be limited to Facebook - it will be global! 

Our goal for the Global Dealer Dashboard is to:

  • Provide users with visibility into data relating to ALL active channels for a client. 
  • Allow users to easily compare cross-channel performance.

The Old Dealer Dashboard Still Exists!

Don’t worry, the Dealer Dashboard that contained Facebook-specific data has not gone away!

You can locate the Facebook Dashboard under Channels > Facebook > Dashboard.

Note: You will still have access to channel-specific Dashboards by following the same steps as those above. 

Each channel will have its own Dashboard in BuyerBridge, it will be located underneath “Channels” in the nav menu and accessible by selecting the channel name > Dashboard.  

Inside The New Global Dealer Dashboard

BuyerBridge’s Global Dealer Dashboard will be relative to all of the active channels for which a client is enrolled, and include 2 main areas: 

  1. Omnichannel Advertising Stats
  2. Compare Omnichannel Metrics

Omnichannel Advertising Stats

The Omnichannel Advertising Stats area of the Global Dealer Dashboard includes a Metric Funnel, Metric Chart, and a table that breaks down the stats for each of the selected channels. 

Users can select which channel(s) they want to use from the top of the page, where all of the different advertising channels are displayed: Facebook, Snapchat, TikTok, Pinterest.

TIP: One channel must be selected at all times. 

Metric Funnel: 

Our global Metric Funnel provides a visual representation of the following: Impressions, Total Spend, Click-Through Rate, Shoppers, Cost / Click, Conversion Rate, Leads, & Cost / Lead. 

To get more details on metric definitions, read: Omnichannel Advertising Metrics

The data within the Metric Funnel will be generated based on the channel(s) selected.

If you select one channel (or toggle back and forth between channels): the Metric Funnel will display those individual channel’s metrics.

If you select multiple channels: the Metric Funnel will generate aggregate metrics that include all of the data from the selected channels combined. 

👀  WATCH EXAMPLE BELOW: Notice how the metrics within the funnel change as the channel selected goes from ONLY Facebook to BOTH Facebook + Snapchat, then to ONLY Snapchat. 

This Metric Funnel is great for users who want to see the TOTAL results of their advertising efforts on multiple channels. 

Metric Chart:

Next to the Metric Funnel (on the right) is the Metric Chart, which provides users with:

  • Visual representation of Impressions, Shoppers, or Leads
  • Data from the Previous Period, Last Month, and a 90 Day Average

To select which Metric you want the chart to reflect (Impressions, Shoppers, or Leads), use the “Metric” dropdown in the upper left corner of the chart!

Metric Breakdown By Channel:

Underneath the Metric Funnel and Metric Chart, BuyerBridge displays a table that includes metrics ranging from Impressions to Cost Per Lead for the selected channel(s), broken out specifically.

At any time, users can drop directly into the channel-specific advertising report by clicking “Show Details” under the “Reports” column in the specific channel’s row. 

Compare Omnichannel Metrics

This metric comparison tool provides users with the ability to compare key Advertising stats based on aggregate, unfiltered TOTALS associated with the channel(s) selected at the top of the Global Dealer Dashboard. 

If you only have one channel, like Facebook, selected, then the metrics associated with Facebook will be what the tool uses for comparison.

If you have Facebook AND Snapchat selected, the comparison tool will use the TOTAL of both channels to run the selected metrics against each other. 

Not sure which channels you have selected? Look at which channels are next to “Powered by:”  located in the bottom right corner!

Users have the power to toggle between and run the following metrics against each other: Impressions, Clicks, Click Through Rate, Cost Per Click, Conversion Rate, and Leads. 

The ability to access data for any channels other than Facebook will only be available once we officially launch them and a client is enrolled. 

We’re super excited about our Global Dealer Dashboard, it will be extremely valuable as we continue expanding the platform to support additional channels.

Learn more about the NEW advertising platforms available through BuyerBridge: Snapchat, TikTok, and Pinterest!