How To Add BuyerBridge Tag Manager to an Existing Tag Manager

You want to add the BuyerBridge Tag Manager code to an existing Tag Manager that is already on a site.

1. Download BuyerBridge Tag Manager

2. Add to Existing Tag Manager Container

  • Open the existing Tag Manager
  • Click Tags
  • Click New Tag
    • Name: BuyerBridge GTM-XXXXXX Tag (replace XXXXXX with GTM Container ID in Step 1)
    • Tag Configuration
      • Custom HTML
      • Paste the data from the "gtm-main-script.txt" and "gtm-secondary-script.txt" into the HTML Box
      • Advanced Settings > Tag firing options > Once per page

    • Triggering
      • All Pages
    • Save
  • Publish

3. Test

  • Hard Refresh the dealership website
  • Use Google Tag Assistant to check the new GTM Container in step 1 is now visible. 

What Happens Next?

The BuyerBridge EventFlow Pixel configuration will now work. This will fire the Facebook Pixel, intent/lead tracking, dynamic number insertion, and onsite user actions.