Client Guide: How To Share An Existing Facebook (Meta) Pixel

Following domain verification, it is your responsibility as the "client" to share your Pixel with the organization that will be running ads on your behalf.

How to Share Your Pixel With An Organization

Your business will need to have the organization's Facebook Business ID easily accessible in order to share the Pixel with the organization.

Here's how the organization can locate their Business ID from their own Business Manager: Go to > select their organization > Business Settings > Users > Partners > find and select the organization's name > locate their Business ID (ex. ID:1234567891011123)

Once you have the organization's Business ID that is associated with the Business Manager whom you will be sharing your pixel, it's time to share your ("Client") Pixel from your Business Manager to the organization's Business Manager:

  • Go to and select your Business
  • Click Business Settings
  • From Business Settings, dropdown Data Sources > click Pixels
  • Locate your Pixel by entering your Pixel ID, Asset Name, or Businesses Name (ex. The Car Spot’s Pixel)
  • Click on the name of your Pixel that you want to share 
  • On the Pixels screen, click Partners
  • The “Share This Pixel With a Partner” pop-up will display > Enter Partner (Organization) Business ID

  • Select Full Control - Manage Pixel by toggling the option the right > click Next > Done

You can confirm that the Pixel was successfully shared with the specified organization's Business Manager by checking to see if their name is displayed under Partners from the Pixels page. 

IMPORTANT: The organization will receive a partnership request notification from you (in their Business Manager) and they will be required to accept it. 

After you have shared your Pixel with your client's Business Manager, Facebook's best practice is to prioritize the Pixel Events (aka configure their own Website Events).

Use this step-by-step guide to prioritize Pixel events: " Prioritizing Pixel Events"