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"Instagram Organic Guide: For Your Dealership" [Editable Agency Sales Assets]

Customize and deliver our “Instagram Organic Guide" to dealers!

This editable resource will help your agency ensure that dealerships have a strong organic Instagram strategy to complement their paid.

As a BuyerBridge partner, we also encourage you to leverage this guide to generate new leads.

🌟 Pro tip: Host this guide on its own gated landing page (where information is required to access the resource) and run traffic or conversion campaigns that drive to the page!

This will allow you to capture new customers and initiate conversations with them! 

Inside of the “Instagram Organic Guide: For Your Dealership” Resource

Our “Instagram Organic Guide: For Your Dealership” contains:

  • 5 best practices for building a powerful organic Instagram strategy
  • Creative ideas to help dealers build the ultimate brand aesthetic
  • Do's and don'ts of perfecting images for Instagram's visual-first platform
  • + 7 BONUS pro-tips on all things Instagram organic

AND the guide is totally customizable using Canva! 

  • Customize the font color/style
  • Add your agency’s logo
  • Change the copy
  • Choose new images, etc. 

Access & Start Editing Now! 

  1. Click here to access the editable version of our “Instagram Organic Guide” on Canva.com and make the resource your own.
  2. Click “Use template” and start editing! 

If you do not already have a Canva account, you will need to create one and sign up with your Google account, Facebook account, or email! 

Deliver the “Instagram Organic Guide: For Your Dealership” to Dealers

Below is an example email that you can use as a template for delivering the resource to existing, or prospective clients in your database!

Your Dealership NEEDS this! 


59% of users say Instagram is a key influence in buying products... 🔑

But paid ads aren't the only thing your dealership needs to reach shoppers on Instagram - to complement your paid strategy, you need a killer Instagram organic strategy!

This is exactly why we created the ultimate guide to help your dealership level up your organic Instagram “game!” 📈

[DOWNLOAD] Instagram Organic Guide

Our brand-new resource, “Instagram Organic Guide: For Your Dealership,” is jam-packed with all the tips and tricks you need:

  • 🚀 Best practices to maximize your organic content
  • 💥 Creative ideas to help your dealership build the best brand aesthetic
  • 7️⃣ Rules your dealership’s Instagram organic strategy needs to follow
  • ➕ So much more

Click here to find out how your dealership will increase brand awareness and reach shoppers without dropping any additional money.

NOTE (for your agency)This email template contains 2 instances where your agency can link directly to the downloadable resource.

Feel free to remove the “Download/Click here” CTA’s and instead, replace “Click here” with:

REPLY  back "YES" if you want to find out how your dealership will increase brand awareness + reach shoppers without dropping any additional money."