Monthly Updates - March 2022

🎉  New Product Features

  • Exciting Offering: Advertising Lite (Supports New Verticals/Industries)

    We’re eager to announce that BuyerBridge has officially launched phase 1 of our vertical expansion! With our new Advertising Lite product, users can add ANY vertical/industry to our platform and will be able to utilize the following features:

    • Onboarding
    • Reporting & Custom reporting
    • Matchbacks
    • Budgeting
    • EventFlow
    • Monitoring

Contact your Account Manager or email to get started!  🚀

  • 20+ Additional/Updated Playbooks

    Our ad ops team is absolutely rocking it, and has rolled out over 20 new/updated Playbooks that are now ready to deploy from the BuyerBridge Playbook Library: 

    • Brand-new EV & Hybrid,  Top Model Line, Motorcycle/Trailer/RV & Camper AIA, and Spanish Playbooks…+ SO many more. 
    • Ford General Service + Nissan Branding Playbooks = refreshed with creative/copy
    • We now have OVER 160 Playbooks in the Playbook Library!

Go check out the Playbook Library to see all of the awesome new Playbooks and provide your dealers with the solution they’re looking for ASAP! 

  • 2 Editable Snapchat Agency Sales Assets

    We’ve created 2 new customizable assets that provide your agency with resources to help dealers: build a strong organic presence on Snapchat, round out their Snapchat strategy, and maximize their reach on the popular platform. 

🚀  Coming Soon

  • Budgeting Reports For Additional Channels (Reseller-Level)

    Our team is working on advancing our Reseller-level Budgeting Report to provide users with the ability to generate Budgeting Reports for both Snapchat and TikTok - in addition to the existing Facebook Budgeting Report! 

  • REMINDER: Whitelabeled MarketAnalyzer Tool

    We’re still working hard to make our MarketAnalyzer Tool whitelabelable, providing the ability for users to customize the tool with their own logo, font, and brand colors - which users will be able to leverage as a sales asset to generate new leads, upsell existing clients, etc!

  • Omni-Onboarding

    Currently, we’re developing a new Omni-Onboarding to create a much more fluid experience during onboarding. With this update: 

    • The Onboarding tool will only be used for channel setup and Playbook deployment will be separate. 
    • Users will be able to go straight into Playbook deployment if all of the Onboarding assets are already set up.
  • Omni-Campaign Management Tool

    Soon, we’ll be replacing the current Playbook management system with a new Campaign Management tool, which will allow users to manage campaigns across multiple channels! 

    • Users will be able to edit Campaigns, Ad Sets, and Ads, + preview all of the ads for multiple campaigns at once.

🔎 In Case You Missed It 🔍

  • BuyerBridge March Partner Webinar

    Our March Partner Webinar last week was 🔥 ! We talked about:

    • Electric/hybrid vehicles
    • Hot topics from NADA
    • Latest BuyerBridge tools and Playbooks
    • + Our exciting new offering for partners servicing industries outside of automotive (!!!).
    Miss the session or want a replay?  [WATCH RECORDING] March Partner Webinar

🔧 Bug Fixes and Improvements

  • The dev team has been hard at work on the backend of the platform to ensure the BuyerBridge platform is equipped for new advertising channels and future omnichannel projects.
  • Agency users will now be able to choose the way that their clients receive leads from the BuyerBridge Platform. 
    • The ability for agencies to send Plain Text emails for leads, using their own email address vs. BuyerBridge’s email address.
    • This can be configured on the Lead Destinations card on the Dealer Settings page.
  • Client-role users will no longer be able to access the Dealer Settings page.
    • We removed this so clients would not have the ability to sign up for additional products or deactivate products without speaking to your agency first!
  • GTM installation instructions will now be properly displayed to users during Onboarding
    • Previously, the EventFlow installation code was being displayed to the user instead of the GTM installation instructions.
  • The Report Builder will no longer require a Facebook Ad Account to be present to generate full-page layouts.