Monthly Updates - April 2021

🚨 Important 

🎉  New Product Features

  • New Reseller Playbook Report

    We have deployed a new Agency report, our Reseller Playbooks Report! With it, Agency ADMINS can see all the active playbooks that are aligned to their dealer clients at a quick glance. 

    Get the details on our new Reseller Playbooks Report here: New Reseller Playbooks Report
  • New Agency Resource: Editable Template For Your Agency - “5 Key Facebook Campaigns Your Dealership Needs To Be Running”

    Our newest agency asset will allow your agency to help your clients understand the core strategies that have proven to create a bulletproof Facebook Ad strategy. 

    This is a resource that you can customize, download, and deliver to your clients and prospects!

    Download our Agency Template Guide and access your editable copy of the asset here: Editable Template For Your Agency - “5 Key Facebook Campaigns Your Dealership Needs To Be Running”
  • REMINDER, Coming Soon: Monitoring [Phase 1]

    Get the latest scoop on our new monitoring system here: BuyerBridge Monitoring System [Phase 1]

🙌  Enhancements

  • UPDATE: Facebook Advertising Report & Metric Funnel

    We deployed an update that gives users richer data when looking at the Facebook Advertising Report and Metric funnel!

    Check out all the details here: Updates To The Facebook Advertising Report & Metric Funnel

  • UPDATE: User Permissions

    This latest User Permissions update allows a user to request access to a dealer's assets directly within the dashboard instead of having to navigate through all the Facebook screens.

    • You can see your current permissions on the Dealer Info page!
      • Green = what you currently have access to 
      • Red = ones that you do not have access to
    • With the simple click of a button, you can request all access to a dealer's assets, or choose an individual one if required, and the system will do all the work for you! You will see the screen update in real-time as the permissions get assigned.
    • You can also invite yourself to a Business Manager that you want to have access to directly from the Dashboard - this will trigger the invitation process, and once completed, you will have access to that Business Manager.
  • UPDATE: Chatbot UI 

    We deployed a UI enhancement that allows Chatbot to be disabled during the Onboarding process if a dealer chooses to do so. Dealers will now have the ability to toggle from active to inactive. The default state is active, but can now be changed to inactive in the case that a dealer wants to onboard without having Chatbot enabled.

  • UPDATE: MarketAnalzyer Tool

    The In-Market Auto Shopper chart has been added back to the results page of the MarketAnalyzer Tool.

  • UPDATE: Offline Events Uploader Tool

    We made a couple of updates concerning the Offline Events Uploader Tool:

    • Based on user feedback, the Offline Events Uploader will now hold the email notification that “the file processing has been completed” to 24 hours. This will allow the Facebook attribution data to settle prior to the email notification.
    • To avoid users having to manually map the correct column headers in the file they’re uploading (if we are unable to determine which header mapping to use), we’ve provided a drop-down menu with Preset Field Mapping so that they can select the CRM used for exporting the data being uploaded.
      • We added a support article inside of the tool that goes over how to export the data from that CRM, based on the CRM that is selected.
        • The 3 currently configured CRMs are DealerSocket, eLeads and VinSolutions.

🔧 Bug Fixes and Improvements

  • We worked on the back end to provide additional details on inventory ads and Marketplace Listings so that auto and Marketplace catalogs include Vehicle conditions.
  • There was a backend update made to correct an issue that was allowing dealers to upload an Offline Event set but not seeing any results on the Review screen.
  • Deployed a hotfix for Metric Funnel reporting that was causing values greater than 1,000 to be truncated to only display the data prior to the “,”
    • For example, if there were 54,000 prospects during the week of March 5th, the UI would previously display 54. It will now display correctly as 54,000 on the metric graph!
    • This fix has also corrected the issue that some users were seeing where there would be a sharp decline in the Metric graph that looked like metrics were not being pulled in.
  • Deployed front-end updates to the User Permissions under Quick Links to account for Admin roles when requesting BM Access.
    • If you are an Admin in BuyerBridge, your request for Business Manager access will be sent with Admin privileges. 
    • If you are not an Admin in BuyerBridge, your request for Business Manager access will be sent with Employee privileges. 
  • We’ve deployed some Attribution changes! This includes a major refactor to the way we retrieve and store stats. Improvements include:
    • Moving stats to a central store (you will see the advantage of this when switching between the three reports for the same dealer as you will notice the data doesn't need to reload).
    • An internal stats cache for various calls (e.g. change the date range, change back and the calls will load immediately).
    • Attribution window changes do not require reloading and you will see those changes live!
    • Resolved reported bugs with reloading - hanging loaders, etc. If anyone sees continued issues please report. 
    • Resolved bugs with the way we calculate whether offline events need to be uploaded to see sales attribution on the dealer dashboard.
  • Quick links within the platform were taking users to the incorrect Ad Account when the URL was selected, but has been resolved and should be taking the user to the correct FB Ad Account (if the user has permission on that asset).
  • Selecting “Knowledge Base” within the Platform header icon will now open in a new tab to allow the user to keep the current page they are on in the platform active, so they do not lose context of the page they are on!
  • The Facebook API is not consistent when uploading files, as it takes into account your network connection, processes required on Facebook to analyze your file, and other factors. For this reason, we added text to the Offline Event Uploader tool that informs the user that there could be an issue with their API and to try using Facebook directly if they are unable to use the platform.
  • We corrected some misaligned Offline Event Set annotations that were not allowing some Dealers to have Offline Event Sets uploaded through the UI.
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