Monthly Updates - August 2020

🎉 New Product Features 

  • Offline Event Uploader Tool

    We have introduced a new feature that allows agency and dealership users to upload offline events! This tool creates an Offline Performance Report for you to view the # of matched events that occurred within a specific time period, and how the customers' events you uploaded could be attributed to ads on Facebook. Learn about the value-added benefits of the Offline Event Uploader Tool here:
  • Ad Preview Tool

    Our new tool allows greater visibility inside the way we structure playbooks under your ad accounts. Now, you can preview ads internally and we will generate a secure URL of the preview for you to share with individuals outside of BuyerBridge! The goal of this is to streamline the approval process of your ads. Explore further details about our useful Ad Preview Tool here: How To View & Share Ad Previews On BuyerBridge

📌  Big Updates

  • Update: New User Flow

    This update is LIVE for all users and makes agency life easier day by day. We have released User Management for all dashboard users. Adding a new user, deleting a user, and managing existing users is now effortless for agencies. Discover more about our update here:

    New User Flow: Adding A New User, Deleting A User, and Managing Existing Users

  • Update: Lead Tracking Script

    This update removes the thresholds that were originally put in place to mitigate any risk of affecting a dealer's site performance (since the script has been deployed on so many websites without performance issues). Now, our system will continuously look for new widgets, forms, etc being introduced to a page as the user engages in its content. This will almost certainly have some positive effect on CPLs (CPLs may have dropped in Aug)! 

🔧 Bug Fixes and Improvements

  • The upgrade view on the dealer dash was temporarily disabled as we made some changes to the way the system understands our products. Earlier this month, we re-enabled this!
  • Lots of bugs that came in from the new onboarding system were resolved... Thank you to all of our partners testing that system! We love the positive feedback and will continue staying on top of any issues you identify.
  • We improved our system by adding the ability to map in a sales price from custom feed providers. This allows us to show strike-through pricing in ads and is something we'll be aiming to expose in the UI in the future. For now, we're piloting the feature with a small number of partners but if you're interested let us know!
  • A ton of improvements have been made behind the scenes to ensure consistent lead delivery while establishing new monitors (which our team regularly evaluates to ensure our lead transfer systems are operating as expected).
  • We added a reset button to the Facebook ads report and cleaned up the way that campaigns are selected (which was previously a bit buggy).
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