Monthly Updates - August 2021


  • Facebook Marketplace Listings Removal and Solution


      As we’ve previously mentioned, Facebook is planning to discontinue the distribution of inventory partner catalog listings on Facebook Marketplace as of September 13, 2021.
      • NOTE: BuyerBridge will be removing Marketplace features that were dependent on the "legacy" posting solution - which is being deprecated.

      Find out what exactly this means and what changes you can expect to see in the BuyerBridge platform here: Facebook Marketplace Listing Provider Removal

      Have questions and want answers? Read: Facebook Marketplace Listing Provider Removal Q & A


      After Facebook’s decision to remove Marketplace posting automation, Facebook is encouraging manual uploads to Marketplace as an alternative. But don’t worry, we built a new Facebook Marketplace Management tool that will:

      • Provide help with manual posting.
      • Make it easier for users to update, remove, and add listings to Marketplace. 

      Learn more about our exciting new Marketplace Solution here: Facebook Marketplace Manual Listing Manager 

🚀 Coming Soon

  • BuyerBridge OmniAnalyzer Tool

    Our team is working on developing a tool like our MarketAnalyzer tool to help your auto agency determine your clients' potential opportunity, but this time - on MULTIPLE channels (not just Facebook), PLUS how to allocate your clients’ ad spend to maximize ROI!

🙌  Enhancements

  • UPDATE: New Dealer Dashboard Experience

    In preparation for additional channels being available for advertising in BuyerBridge, we made some changes to the Dealer Dashboard inside of the platform - it’s no longer Facebook-specific, it’s “GLOBAL!”

    Learn about the updated dealer dashboard experience and what’s different here:
    New Dealer Dashboard Experience: Going "Global"

  • UPDATE: EventFlow 2.0

    We’ve released an EventFlow update: EventFlow 2.0. You’ll notice that we’ve added certain functionalities to the EventFlow card located on the Dealer Settings page which allows agency users to perform tasks without requiring a support ticket submission:

    Users can now:

    • Update to EventFlow 2.0 directly from the Event Flow card.

    • Change their Site Provider via the Change Provider icon on the EventFlow card. 

🔧 Bug Fixes and Improvements

  • To support future Omnichannel onboarding, users who cancel an onboarding are now required to remove the specific Product associated with the canceled onboarding.
    • To remove the Product associated with a dealers’ canceled onboarding:
      • Go to Dealer Settings > Channels Overview > Subscription > Remove.
  • The Marketplace Chatbot will now be off by default during onboarding and will need to be turned on if the dealer wishes to sign up for it. If the chatbot is configured to On, it will display the step as completed now.
  • In an effort to avoid duplicate product onboardings, onboarding will no longer allow users to sign up for products that they already had a product onboarding started for OR were already onboarded to that product.
  • When the Save & Exit action is used during onboarding, users will be able to see the active onboarding from the Dealer Settings page.
  • Corrections were made to eliminate confusion regarding the product(s) associated with a user’s current onboarding:
    • Onboardings will recognize the products that are selected
    • Users will only see the specific product(s) associated with the current onboarding.
    • Onboarding will now display the correct product associated with a Playbook being deployed.
  • The play selection step in onboarding was not being displayed when a user was onboarding an Advertising product - but that is no longer an issue!
  • Users who cancel an onboarding are now required to remove the Product that was being onboarded.
    • To remove the Product associated with a dealers’ canceled onboarding:
      • Go to Dealer Settings > Channels Overview > Subscription > Remove. 
    • This change was made to support future Omnichannel onboarding.
    • We will re-visit putting the previous flow back in place during a future release of Omnichannel.
  • Marketplace onboardings will now automatically assign the system user to the Facebook Page.
  • Our “Facebook Monthly Report” template in the Report Builder will no longer have issues generation graphs on the Facebook Marketplace and Campaign Actions and Cost pages.
  • There will no longer be any issues completing onboarding for dealers who have converted to EventFlow 2.0.
  • We renamed the Chatbot dynamic field “Dealer State” to “Vehicle State” as Vehicle State is where the field is actually being mapped to.
  • The Add User Panel will correctly display the “Add New User” flow when the button is selected.
  • If a play is deployed that requires a change in optimization, the color of the message stayed will no longer be red - it will be yellow!
  • We’ve added a hyperlink in the EventFlow verification step to provide users with an easy way to download the Facebook Pixel Helper.
  • The default for sending DPA (dynamic product ads) and product events was changed to OFF for all Dealers.
    • If the Dealer configuration is set to true, we will still honor that. If it needs to be turned back on - the Dealer’s configuration can be modified.