Monthly Updates - August 2022

🚨  Important

  • Facebook (Meta) Special Ad Audiences Are Being Removed

    Facebook (Meta) is in the process of deprecating Special Ad Audiences to all advertisers, in response to a settlement agreement reached between Facebook and HUD about user privacy.

    This discontinuation is currently being released in stages:

    • August 25, 2022 - Facebook began removing the ability to create Special Ad Audiences in Ads Manager.
    • September 13, 2022 - Facebook will deprecate the endpoints used to create Special Ad Audiences via API.
    • October 12, 2022 - Facebook will pause any Ad Sets that contain Special Ad Audiences.

    We can confirm that as of August 26th, Facebook has in fact begun rolling out the changes within Ads Manager so that it is not possible to create new Special Ad Audiences.

    Read More for full details.

  • Facebook (Meta) Marketplace Depreciation

    Due to Facebook’s continued deprecation of Facebook Marketplace Posting on behalf of Dealership Pages, we will be removing the Facebook Marketplace Posting Tool from our platform on 10/1/22.

    As of yesterday 9/1/2022, we are no longer accepting new dealer onboardings for the Facebook Marketplace Posting Tool.

    On 10/1/2022, we will remove the Facebook Marketplace product from any associated account along with the related charges.

    For more details click here.

🎉  New Product Features

  • Organization Settings Updates

    The Organization Settings Page now offers the ability to add or edit their organization branding as well as the Privacy Policy/Links + Support Icon for Whitelabeled Organizations.

    Find out all about this cool new update by reading: How To Update Organization Settings

  • User Settings Customizations

    Under the User Settings section, you can change your Username, Email address, and Password. As a User, you can also add a User Profile Icon that will be used for your BuyerBridge Dashboard profile. To learn more check out: How To Update User Settings

  • Pinterest Conversion Events Reporting

    BuyerBridge now is able to report on Pinterest Conversion Events within our own Dashboard! Before we are able to generate reporting on Pinterest Conversion Events in BuyerBridge, users will be required to upload a Sales Report in Pinterest.

    Get more details here: Pinterest Conversion Event Reporting In BuyerBridge

  • 17 New + Updated Playbooks

    New Playbooks are constantly added to the Playbook Library…and this month was no different from any other. We have added:

  • Editable Automotive Inventory Ads Slide Deck

    Customize our latest agency sales asset, Facebook Inventory Ads (AIA) Slide Deck, to educate dealers around:

    • How To Turn Inventory Into Dynamic, Targeted Ads

    • Various Inventory Campaigns To Choose From

    • How Dynamic Retargeting and Lead Generation Works

    • + More! 

    Click here to check them out!

🚀  Coming Soon

  • September Partner Webinar

    Mark your calendars and be sure to register for our September Partner Webinar, Thursday, September 22nd, at 1 pm EST, where we'll be going over:

    • The latest industry & social trends
    • New and exciting BuyerBridge features
    • Upcoming releases
    • Answers to any questions you have!

🔍 In Case You Missed It

  • Account Settings Updates

    The Account Overview section within “Account Settings,” now offers the ability to make real-time updates to information: Phone Number, Website, Industry, Timezone, and Address.

    An “Account Branding” section where users can add Logos or change the previously uploaded logo that was added during onboarding has also been added.

    Check out: The BuyerBridge Account Settings Page article to learn more about these updates.

🔧 Bug, Fixes, and Improvements

  • The Snapchat Public Profile will now be included on Snapchat Ad Previews when using our Ad Preview Tool
  • Impressions for Pinterest will now have Paid and Organic Impressions combined together into one field on our dashboard so it can be viewed as one single metric
  • The MSN Marketplace catalog has been updated to comply with their new field requirements
  • Corrected a date reporting issue that was preventing offline events from being displayed in the dashboard
  • There was an issue with the Organization Facebook Advertising Report where the Spend Override toggle was not turning on/off the functionality on this report that has now been resolved
  • Updated the Offline Event system to correct an issue that should resolve system errors when users attempt to upload their events inside of the BuyerBridge platform
  • Modified the Clicks, Cost Per Clicks, and Clickthrough Rate for any Pinterest report template that was using these metrics