Monthly Updates - December 2021

🎉  New Product Features

  • 28 Brand-New Playbooks

    Our team is constantly building additional Playbooks to ensure your agency is able to provide dealers with advertising options that meet their needs! The following Playbooks we’re recently launched and are officially ready to deploy:

Click here to dive into the new and existing Playbooks inside of our Playbook Library. 

🚀 Coming Soon

  • Reminder: Access to New Channels In BuyerBridge

    Our team is still hard at work, making sure that the new channels soon available in BuyerBridge (Pinterest, TikTok, and Snapchat) are optimized prior to being launched. We hope you’re as excited as we are about these additional advertising channels!

    Learn more about advertising on these new platforms from the Omnichannel Advertising section of our Knowledge Base here: Omnichannel Advertising
  • Enhanced Vehicle Advertising Report

    As we previously mentioned, you can expect to see changes to the Facebook Vehicle Advertising Report shortly.

    These changes are intended to provide additional details via a new Vehicle Details panel - you will have visibility into Average Spend Per VIN, Average Days Advertised & Average VDP Views Per VIN, and a ton more!


🔧 Bug Fixes and Improvements

  • Users are now able to use an existing Offline Event set during onboarding!
  • The Offline Event uploader will state that Full name or First and Last name is required when uploading events as well as either an email or phone number.
  • We resolved an issue where dealers that did not have a product or automotive catalog were unable to process Offline Events.
  • The Alerts panel and page will now send your agency to the specific dealer's page when you click on the dealer's name.
  • We enhanced our Marketplace Tool so that it now allows users to target a vehicle to begin posting it. 
    • Each Task will have a Post icon on it so you can select it and it will open the posting panel for that vehicle. 
    • Your agency can also click on the Action name for the vehicle to open the posting panel.
  • The Resend page request is now fully functioning during onboarding.