Monthly Updates - February 2021

🎉  New Product Features

  • BIG UPDATE: PDF Generation Rollout [V1]

    We have officially released version 1 of our PDF Report Generation Rollout! With this update, a new “PDF” button has been added to the Facebook advertising report for both agencies and dealers. BuyerBridge will now generate PDF Performance Reports for your dealer accounts that are downloadable, easy to share, and include:
  • LAUNCHED: Offline Event Uploader Tool Design

    We mentioned last month that a design update to the Offline Event Uploader Tool would be coming soon...and it’s here! The whole intention of this system is to NOT have to reformat files! Users will now have a simplified experience with: 

    • New CRM preset templates 
    • An upload rating system for transparency
    • Plus greater visibility into missing events

      Take a look inside the new Offline Event Uploader Tool design, and discover the ins and outs here:  Advancing Our Offline Event Uploader Tool Design

🙌  Enhancements

  • UPDATE: Onboarding

    Our team has been working internally to enhance the way that the BuyerBridge Onboarding System functions externally! To improve the Onboarding experience for users, we made the following updates:

    • New vehicles are now able to be exported to Marketplace catalogs and will populate on the Vehicles Tab on your dealers' pages...HUGE! (Note: Marketplace is still only for USED vehicles.)
    • There is now the option to Add a “Webhook” Lead Destination, enabling your agency to send real-time data from the BuyerBridge app to your dealer's CRM. 
    • Improvements to the way that the Onboarding System handles Inventory and Marketplace, to provide a more consistent experience. 
    • Users now have the ability to control the timezone of an account (which is then used to set the default timezone when we make the ad account). 
  • UPDATE: New Account Experience

    In an effort to improve the user experience for new accounts, we made the following enhancements:

    • When logging in as an agency, the Default Page is now "/dealers," and will drop agency users into the “All Dealers” page inside of BuyerBridge. (We hope to send agencies to an agency dashboard in the future!)
    • We've dropped the old Onboarding Status screen for new accounts with no active onboardings.
    • We removed the “New” badges that were displayed within the “Add Account” and “Account Status” screens.
    • New agencies without any active onboardings exit the dashboard through a “logout” button, which replaces the “exit” button.

New Support Documentation 

🔧 Bug Fixes and Improvements

  • We noticed that something wasn’t right with our Chatbot “behind-the-scenes,” which caused it to behave irregularly. But our team made sure to identify and solve the issue to prevent this from occurring!

  • To continue improving BuyerBridge, we deployed some backend monitoring alerts. This improvement will not change anything for you on the front-end, but it will make our system even more efficient!

  • Previously in Onboarding, the “New Timezones'' field was being inappropriately displayed during onboarding. Now, you’ll notice it will only show when the account is created!

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