Monthly Update - February 2023

🎉  New Product Features

  • The Ads Library, Ad Builder & Ad Launcher are finally here and live in the BuyerBridge Dashboard

    Find out everything you need to know about these 3 brand-new tools from the BuyerBridge Tools section of our Help Center!

    Ads Library

    The Ads Library houses all of the ads you upload via the BuyerBridge Ad Builder, provides users the ability to create new ads with the Ad Builder tool, and the ability to launch those ads with the Ad Launcher tool. 

    Ad Builder

    The Ad Builder allows you to upload a single piece of creative and customize it for all of your clients' ad channels in a few simple clicks.

    If you need any helpful tips while using the Ad Builder, check out the Ad Builder Cheat Sheet

    Ad Launcher

    This tool helps you deploy ads you uploaded in the BuyerBridge Ad Builder or selected from the Ads Library across multiple channels at once.

    You will be able to set up your campaign and ad set structure, select your geographic targeting, define your audience targeting, set your budgets — and then deploy your ads!

  • 14 New + Updated Playbooks

    In February we added:
    • Winterized Buyback Version C (Preview)
    • Ford Truck Month playbook for 2023 (Preview)
    • Ford Blue Advantage (Preview)
    • 11 New Model Line Playbooks, including:
      • 2023 Jeep Cherokee
      • 2023 Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV
      • 2023 Buick Envision
      • 2023 Toyota Camry
      • 2023 Honda Odyssey
      • 2023 Chevrolet Malibu
      • 2023 Toyota Tundra
      • 2023 Toyota RAV4
      • 2023 Wagoneer
      • 2023 Genesis G70
      • 2023 Genesis G80
      • 2023 Bronco
      • 2023 Lincoln Nautilus
  • 3 New Monitoring Alerts/Notifications

    • VDP URLs do not match website
      This means if the VDP URLs sent in your inventory do not match the domain (website) URL being used you will be alerted
    • VDP URLs missing on 20% of more of total inventory
      If 20% or more of your total inventory is missing VDP URLs you will be alerted
    • VDP URLs missing on 20% of recently added inventory
      If your inventory has been listed for one week and the percentage of missing VDP URLs is 20% or higher an alert will show
Find out more about the BuyerBridge Monitoring System

🚀  Coming Soon

  • Deep-dive into: Ads Library, Ad Builder & Ad Launcher

    Learn more about these tools by joining our VP of Product & Engineering, Danny Watts, for a live walkthrough on Thursday, March 9th at 1 pm EST

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  • Partner Portal

    You can now list your company as a BuyerBridge Partner on our website for free! The BuyerBridge Partner Portal includes information about your company, an image gallery, plus a space for you to add any testimonials or case studies!
To learn more, watch our quick loom of the Partner Portal here. If you’re ready to be listed in the Partner Portal, email:.
  • Layered Designer

    With the new Layered Designer, you will have the ability to design your own creative and add/customize text, shapes & vehicle “jellybeans” easily.

All design elements will be instantly resized based on ad format to help streamline your ad creation process.

🔍 In Case You Missed It

  • February Partner Webinar

    Did you attend our Partner Meetup last month? We walked through 6 important industry trends and discussed the release our latest new tools.
 🎥 [WATCH NOW] February Partner Recording
  • The Auto Marketers Ultimate Guide To Reaching Nomadic Customers

    We’ve spent the past 5 months creating content to help auto marketers reach the #1 most unreachable car shopper today, the Automotive Nomadic Customer…and here’s the ultimate guide, packed with pro-tips, organic & paid strategies, plus so much more.
Get instant access here!
  • [Action Needed] Pinterest Connection User

    Our team has updated BuyerBridge’s integration with Pinterest to ensure we are using their latest API. As a result, Organizations using BuyerBridge for Pinterest Reporting and Advertising will need to reconnect their Pinterest Connection User.
Click here to find out more about Pinterest User Connection here.

🔧 Bug, Fixes, and Improvements

  • The following issues were fixed for Campaign Management Ad Previews:
    • An issue with the Single Image Snapchat Ad Previews not loading is now resolved
    • The TikTok Ad Previews will now play sound
  • We have added an enhanced safeguard to the Account Settings page that waits for the dealer to be fully loaded before actions can be performed on the page. This will help avoid confusion and/or operating errors while waiting for the page to load
  • A new column was added to the Lead Destination cards on the Account Settings page that shows in a lead destination has been overridden
    • If the lead destination has been overridden you can hover over the info icon next to the YES text to see what overrides were made
  • A total row was added to the Organization Facebook Offline Events report to show a summary of the Organization's Offline performance
    • This update also fixed a bug with the other reports that included a total row, which was not allowing users to click the total amounts to copy the data to the clipboard.
  • A mute button has been added, next to the refresh button, below the Snapchat and TikTok Videos ads to allow the user to mute the sound for the Ads Previews with a simple toggle.
  • Two or more Snapchat collection Ads can now be viewed in Campaign Management Ad Previews
    • Ad Previews can now be displayed when the media is a static image/video and the collections images are static images
    • Ad Previews can now be displayed when the media is a static image/video and the collection images are dynamic images from the catalog
  • We have made an update to the Close Rate in the Market Analyzer Sessions panel to show as a percentage instead of a dollar amount
  • The Facebook, Snapchat and Pinterest Organization Advertising reports have been updated to show Sales and CPS as default columns
  • Account Settings page will only be able to be made upon the page being fully loaded. This change is made in order to prevent Organizations from making changes to the wrong Account.
  • Resolved an issue with TikTok Dynamic Ad Previews on Campaign Management not showing the vehicles images in the correct format