Monthly Updates - January 2021

🎉  New Product Features

  • BIG UPDATE: New Dealer Dashboard

    We have officially replaced all instances of the Dealer Dashboard with the new and improved version! This upgraded view provides an improved experience for Onboarding accounts and a whole new world for live accounts.
    Don't worry, the old Dealer Dashboard has not been removed and has only relocated inside of BuyerBridge.

    Get all the details on what’s inside our new, data-intensive Dealer Dashboard, how to locate the old version, and more here: New Dealer Dashboard

  • COMING SOON (This weekend! Feb. 5-7): Advanced Offline Event Uploader Tool Design

    With so many changes happening on Facebook, Offline Events are more important than ever before. Knowing this, our team has modified the BuyerBridge Offline Event Uploader Tool to make the uploader even better.

    You will now enjoy a simplified experience with new CRM preset templates, upload ratings, and greater visibility into missing events. Take a look inside the new Offline Event Uploader Tool design, and discover the ins and outs here: Advancing Our Offline Event Uploader Tool Design

🙌  Enhancements

  • Facebook Budgeting Tool

    With our most recent update to the BuyerBridge Facebook Budgeting Tool, identifying accounts that need immediate action is now FASTER than ever!

    • Users can filter based on Adjustment of either $1, $5, or $20 to locate high priority budgeting errors.

      Get our step-by-step guide with a video walkthrough on using our Facebook Budgeting Tool, along with all of its features here: How To Use the BuyerBridge Facebook Budgeting Tool

🔧 Bug Fixes and Improvements

  • For a short period of time, “Leads” for some dealer accounts inside of BuyerBridge were not displaying accurately.  We temporarily displayed a banner (to agency users only) on affected reports to indicate that we were aware of the issue and are actively working with Facebook on it. The issue has been resolved and the banner has been removed.
  • There was a temporary error with the feed provider CDKGlobal due to an update on their end that we were not aware of. Previously, we were using their certified field to determine whether a vehicle was used or new, marking any vehicle with certified as = 0. Now, they have three possible values and we are using the following logic (New = 2; Used = 0/1). All errors are resolved.
  • We deployed an update to allow inviting users to an agency’s Business Manager.
  • Some users were experiencing issues when saving Chatbot configurations and were running into errors due to the limited size of the messages. Both issues have been resolved.
  • It was brought to our attention that the new time zones field was being inappropriately displayed during onboarding. Now, our system allows you to control the timezone of an account (which is used to set the default timezone when we make the ad account). 
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