Monthly Updates - July 2020

🎉 New Product Features 

  • MarketAnalyzer Tool Launched 
    We recently developed a new tool to help your agency get into more sales conversations with dealership prospects, called the "MarketAnalyzer." This tool builds a report of active Facebook users within a specified target radius, with a full breakdown of their demographics and in-market shopper behavior. Learn more about how you can use the MarketAnalyzer at your Agency here: How to Use the MarketAnalyzer Tool to Generate More Opportunities
  • New Onboarding System in Alpha Testing
    We are pleased to announce that our new Onboarding System, "Onboarding 2.0," is in alpha testing! The new version will be universally available within the BuyerBridge app on September 1, 2020, but you can learn more about the Onboarding System launch and how you can begin testing it here: How to Use the Onboarding 2.0 System (Step-by-Step Guide)

📌  Big Updates 

  • Update: Limited Data Use (LDU) for CA dealers
    This update currently only impacts dealerships in California and refers to the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) and Facebook's data policy compliance. Please read the full article about LDU and CCPA here: Navigating Limited Data Usage (LDU) and the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA)

  • Update: Deactivate/Reactivate Flows
    This update is currently LIVE for all users and introduces the ability for any dashboard user with agency access and above to deactivate and re-activate accounts. Users can also view inactive accounts in order to re-activate them. Learn more: How to Deactivate or Reactivate an Ad Account

🔧 Bug Fixes and Improvements

  • Updated the page caching system to ensure more consistent testing during development leading to fewer bugs and a faster interface
  • Resolved a bug where the dealer name wasn't updating the page title when changed
  • Implemented LDU system for California dealers to ensure they remain compliant in advance of having control in the dashboard
  • Updates to feed processing to ensure CPO vehicles are also considered used for processing downstream
  • Tracking phone numbers can now be selected in Canada
  • Updated the white-label system to pull from the server making it easier to setup white-label resellers and reduce onboarding time
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