Monthly Updates - July 2021

🎉  New Product Features

  • Customizable Templates: On-Facebook Destination For Automotive Inventory Ads

    Leverage these 3 new agency sales assets to help your clients create an auto shopper journey that’s frictionless while also future-proofing their ads. Here are the 3 resources:

    • On-Facebook Inventory Ads (one-pager)
    • On-Facebook Automotive Inventory Ads (slide-deck)
    • On-Facebook AIA Email Sequence

Find out what’s inside of these new resources and learn how to access + customize them: Agency Sales Assets: On-Facebook Destination For Inventory Ads

  • Dealer Settings Page

Our old Dealer Info page will no longer exist - it is now called the Dealer Settings page, and a few changes have been made!

Read about everything you need to know in this article here: New Dealer Settings Page

🙌  Enhancements

  • UPDATE: BuyerBridge Navigation Menu

Heads up: the BuyerBridge navigation menu will look a little different to you next time you enter the platform, and here’s why: our team is preparing the platform to accommodate additional channels.

Learn more about the changes here: Changes To The BuyerBridge Navigation Menu

  • UPDATE: Dealer Onboarding Steps = Reorganized

In preparation for additional channels being available for advertising in BuyerBridge, we’ve made the updates to the dealer onboarding process.

Get all the details about what changes have been made from this article: Updates To The Dealer Onboarding Process

  • UPDATE: Channel Settings Icon

The new Channel Settings icon located in the header of BuyerBridge will prompt a “Channel Quicklinks and Settings” slide-out panel to display, which allows you to toggle between the channels you are enrolled in and access:

    • Quicklinks (no longer are Quicklinks located on the Dealer Info page, they are accessible globally throughout BuyerBridge!) 
    • Assign Permissions
    • Alerts
    • Easy access to the Dealer Settings page
  • UPDATES: Monitoring

    To further advance our Monitoring system, we’ve made the following enhancements:

    • Added a new alert to track Dealers that have received 0 View Content events over the past 3 days.

      • Helps users identify Dealers that have no View Content events and a low match rate for easier diagnosis of the issue.
    • To help with false positives where it looks like the GTM is not installed properly, the “GTM not installed” Alert will now check for any event seen within Facebook vs. just looking for View Content events.
  • UPDATE: Facebook Advertising Overall Stats

We made the following changes to the Facebook Ads Overall Stats card:

    • Our Facebook Ads Overall Stats card has a new export function that will let users download a CSV file which includes a breakdown of your dealers’ metrics (based on the criteria that you have selected in the Date Range and Interval Selector).
    • We added an export icon on the Campaign stats card so a user can easily export the current campaign data!
  • UPDATE: Dealer Product Deletion

When agencies would delete a dealer’s product, the deleted product and features would remain visible. Now, we’ve modified the process so that BuyerBridge will analyze the current feature set and remove those associated with the deleted product. 

🔧 Bug Fixes and Improvements

  • Changes were deployed to the Offline Event Uploader that corrected issues where a phone number and email were required to be populated in the CSV file. 
    • The tool now requires either a phone number or email address to upload an Offline Event set.
    • BUT, it's always good to include more information if you have it!
  • Facebook was returning Outbound Click data to our platform in a way that prevented the data from being shown in the Dashboard - after working on the issue, Outbound Clicks data will now display correctly throughout the Dashboard.
  • Previously, our GTM to Event Flow script was writing an empty site configuration for dealers when the script ran. We made a fix to ensure that this was no longer occurring!
  • We removed limitations and expanded the number of “retry” attempts available for asset creation during onboarding. 
    • We will also now re-check to confirm the object is present before displaying an error message to the user.
  • We’ve made improvements when using the Offline Event Uploader tool for sales matchbacks so that the email notification sent after the waiting period is correct and includes Valid, Duplicate and Match entry data.
  • We deployed an update to the Facebook Advertising Funnel and Offline Events card so that it now shows users Offline Event sales data within the selected date range - so long as the date range includes purchase events and the selected date range does not exceed the current day.