Monthly Updates - May 2021

🚨 Important 

  • “Offsite” Conversion Optimization: New Fallback Logic

    Facebook has made changes due to Apple iOS 14.5 and now requires that domains be verified to run Ads with optimization for “Offsite” Conversions.

    If at any time your clients are unable to verify their domain and any of the Ads in the play are optimized for Offsite Conversions, we have developed a new process (our fallback logic) that we will deploy.

    Read: New Fallback Logic: Optimizing For Offsite Conversions If Domain Is Unverified In BuyerBridge

🚀 Coming Soon

  • BuyerBridge’s Omni-Channel Expansion (Pilot Launch)

    We are thrilled to announce that we have officially begun our transition to Omni-Channel expansion with the Pilot Launch of MSN Autos Marketplace, Microsoft Advertising, Snapchat, TikTok, and Pinterest (5/4/2021)! 

    Find out what Omni-Channel means and which new channels will become available inside of BuyerBridge: ANNOUNCEMENT: BuyerBridge’s Omni-Channel Expansion Has Begun!

  • MSN Autos Marketplace (Pilot Launch)

    CONFIDENTIAL: Since you are our trusted partners, we are able to reveal that we are currently participating in an exclusive test pilot for MSN Autos Marketplace. 

    Learn about MSN Autos Marketplace and how your agency will benefit from this in the future here: Introducing: MSN Autos Marketplace (Pilot Launch) 

🎉  New Product Features

  • New 2021 Buyback Playbook

    Our previous Buyback Playbook mentioned, “Trade-In” and “Trade Key” campaigns - which don’t apply to today’s top business challenge for dealers. That’s why we developed our new 2021 Buyback Playbook! 

    Read about what’s new in our updated Buyback Playbook and check out the ads that will get your dealer client’s more pre-owned inventory FAST, here: Update: BuyerBridge's New 2021 Buyback Playbook

  • 4 New OEM-Specific Playbooks

    Many agencies have mentioned wanting more OEM-Specific Playbooks, so our team went to work and added 4 new OEM-Specific Playbooks to our playbook collection:

    1. Honda 2021 
    2. Chrysler 2021 
    3. Nissan 2021 
    4. 2021 Ford F-150

    Get all the details and go inside of our brand new OEM-Specific Playbooks here: 4 New OEM-Specific Playbooks

🙌  Enhancements

  • UPDATE: Onboarding System

    To reduce the amount of time and support required for Onboarding to be completed,  increase stability, and enhance the overall Onboarding experience for users, we deployed quite a few changes to the Onboarding system…

    • The system will now check for completed steps of Onboarding, take a snapshot of those completed features, and remove the display of those (completed steps) from onboarding.
    • “Review” step update: The review step in Onboarding will always recheck all features prior to letting the user complete Onboarding.
    • When a product change occurs: 
      • All active Onboardings will be cleared out. 
      • Onboarding status is now re-evaluated each time to ensure the cache is updated with feature status in the event the products have changed.
      • If a product-only onboarding (no Ads/Playbooks) is canceled, we will give users the option to also remove the product.
  • UPDATE: Spend Calculation Override

    We launched a big update to the "spend calculation override" system:

    • In the advertising settings panel, you will now see an option for "No Spend."
    • When applied, the "No Spend" override will remove all spend-related metrics from every report in the dealer section.
    • As with all the other overrides, reseller-level users can toggle the calculation and dealer-level users will always see it applied.

    (If you notice any spend metrics that we missed, let us know:!!)

  • UPDATES: Reporting (PDF, Vehicle Performance & Reseller Facebook Reports)  

The following updates were pushed out to provide better reporting capabilities and to align with Facebook's recent iOS changes... 

PDF Report:

    • The attribution window on PDF reports now defaults to 1d view / 7d click.

Vehicle Performance Report: 

    • You can now filter the Vehicle Performance Report by campaigns!
    • The attribution windows selected in the header filters will now be reflected within the report.
    • You should see significant performance improvements
    • We're now totaling vehicles that were reported multiple times on Facebook (we believe this is due to having multiple catalogs)
      • Due to this, all stats should be higher across the board
    • We shuffled around the metrics to align with iOS changes and recent standards across other reports. 

Reseller Facebook Report:

    • The Facebook Advertising & Offline Events reports now allow users to change the attribution windows for both Website and Offline Events (respectively).
    • We updated the look and feel of the report to align with the new style of our toolbar. 
  • UPDATES: Play Deployment Process

    We pushed a big patch to the play deployment process that will impact you if you have deployed a play since the release of iOS 14.5!

    • The attribution window on PDF reports now defaults to 1d view / 7d click.
      • Important: If you have deployed a play in the past 2 weeks. Be sure to check the optimization that the play was deployed with via Ads Manager.
    • It is now required to set a minimum budget of $2.00 per Ad Set during play deployment. 
      • This is due to an increase in the number of play failures as a result of the budget being set too low. 
  • UPDATES: Metric Funnel

    Prior to this update, the Metric Funnel would automatically display the “Default” funnel type - but now the Metric Funnel will use the funnel type, “All Traffic” instead. of using Default. 

    • This will allow customers that did not have data populated in the Default funnel type to have a better user experience. 
    • The Default type is still available as an option to be selected.

🔧 Bug Fixes and Improvements

  • The In-Market Auto Shoppers [3 Months data] was removed by Facebook recently, therefore the MarketAnalyzer Tool no longer includes that data. 
    • We are working with Facebook on an alternative for that data, but the MarketAnalyzer will still show In Market Auto Shopper Data for 6 Months and 1 Year.
  • Corrected an issue with the “Sold” status not being properly reflected in the Monthly Facebook Performance Report.
  • There was a backend update made to ensure that users are not able to select inactive Ad Accounts from the drop-down menu during onboarding in an effort to avoid an impact on the onboarding experience of users.
  • During onboarding, the Page access icon would not progress to a green status once complete...but that is no longer the case - the Page access icon should now progress to a green status following completion. 
    • Note: It may take some time for the icon to change to green status as we are rechecking all the assets.
  • Monthly value spend overrides will now compute correctly across variable date ranges.
  • The "No spend" override was hiding “Sales” in the metric breakout, but will now be visible.
  • Lead and sales attribution at the campaign level should now be computing correctly.
    • This fix will resolve metric discrepancies in other areas such as date intervals, vehicles, and even the funnel itself (in cases where smaller amounts of data were being calculated).
  • We made a couple of improvements to the Offline Event breakout tool located within the Facebook Advertising report:
    • The Offline Event breakout tool will now properly compute when offline events are missing (based on the selected event type) and will prompt the user for uploads accordingly.
    • Selecting a single window in the attribution dropdown will now properly compute within the Offline Event breakout tool.
  • Duplicate vehicles in the database and the Metabase reports have been removed.
  • “Catalog” has been removed as a data source and users on dealer de-activation. 
    • They will be re-added to the dealer if they re-activate!
  • Our system will now check play deployment status every 10 minutes and if a play has been deploying for 1 hour or more, we will fail the play deployment so the user has the ability to re-deploy the playbook.
  • Fixed issues with deployed plays not allowing users to view the catalog targeting and excluding audiences. 
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