Monthly Updates - November 2021

🚀 Coming Soon

  • New Inventory Dashboard

    Huge improvements are coming to the Inventory Dashboard in which you can expect to be launched within the next month, providing the ability to :

    • See which vehicles are in your clients’ catalogs across different channels  + why they were filtered out from being sent
    • Better understand the vehicles being synced & easily identify vehicles with issues.
    • Effortlessly view, add and remove your data sources right from the dashboard
    • Search all inventory by individual fields and preview in-depth stats on individual VINs right from the report
  • Enhanced Vehicle Advertising Report

    We are changing the Facebook Vehicle Advertising Report in order to provide additional details via a Vehicle Details panel.  Within the next month, you will have visibility into:

    • Average Spend Per VIN, Average Days Advertised & Average VDP Views Per VIN
    • Total Inventory Spend
    • Range of Days Advertised
    • Total VDP Views
    • Make/Model Stats: Top Impressions, Top View Content, Top Clicks, Top Leads

🎉  New Product Features

  • 17 Additional Playbooks

    We are continuously adding new Playbooks to our Playbook Library to keep your clients' ads fresh! Below are the most recent Playbooks that have been added:

    • Custom Order Playbook: Run ads that provide your client’s customers with the vehicles they WANT - promote quick turnaround time (ex. Delivery in 8-10 weeks) and offer incentives specifically for ordered vehicles.

To learn more about our new playbooks, click here!

🙌  Enhancements

  • Co-Op Submissions

    Leveraging Co-Op is important for your dealer-clients. We have added documentation about why it is helpful for dealer-clients and how to submit the requests.

Read: How Your Agency Can Help Dealer’s Leverage Co-Op to learn more about the Co-Op submission process!

  • High-Level Overview: Facebook Business + Ads Manager

    Navigating the Business and Ads Manager of Facebook can be a learning curve, and at times - scary and confusing; which is why we’ve put together a guide to help your agency walk-through the key areas of Facebook that are used regularly when running ads on Facebook.

Click here to check out the Facebook Business + Ads Manager walk-through!

  • Marketplace ONLY Dashboard for Dealer-Client Role

    Dealers with a client role who are running ONLY the Marketplace product will now be able to easily navigate our dashboard - BuyerBridge will display a reduced version of the dashboard that will only contain the elements they need visibility into.
    • The Marketplace Tool will be where they land when opening the app
    • They will be able to view Dealer Settings, Leads + Inventory
    • Since they are only running our Marketplace product, we removed the pages for Facebook Ad


  • Facebook User Token Permissions

    During agency onboarding, agencies are prompted to authorize our Pixel, the BuyerConnector, proper permissions to your agency’s Business Manager...limiting these permissions can negatively impact the performance of your client’s campaigns + more. 

Find out everything you need to know about managing Facebook user token permissions: How To Manage Facebook User Token Permissions

🔧 Bug Fixes and Improvements

  • The Marketplace Automation Tool will now flag vehicles that have failed to post and will now be posted with dealer overrides in place.
  • Updated the Save and Exit functionality in onboarding so now all Save and Exited onboardings will show on the Dealer Settings page.
  • Fixed an issue with our new Call Tracking Panel that was not allowing users to create or update their Call Tracking number:
    • The system will now create a Call Tracking number if you do not already have one and will update your current if you already have one assigned.
    • We do have one issue with the panel right now that will be fixed is that once the user selects the button to Update All, the process runs in the background but we do not have any loading state displayed on the screen. I Will target next week to fix this issue but the update or creation is happening! 
  • Added the LDU agreement to the Facebook Channel Settings for CA dealers so they can Opt-In.
  • Corrected an issue with CPC not being included in the Reseller Agency Facebook Advertising report.
  • Added Dealer Timezone to the Dealer Overviews card on the Dealer Settings page to make it easier to look up their timezone when setting up Omni-channel Ad Accounts.
  • When a user selects the PDF generation button on the Facebook Advertising page, the Facebook Monthly Report is pre-selected.
  • Corrected an issue on the Report Builder where the text for Dealer selection was not matching the rest of the UI.
  • Standardized the name for Alerts throughout the Dashboard: 
    • Communication Central was renamed to Alerts and the Alerts panel now has the heading of Alerts
  • Made updates to the CarsForSale Eventflow stock number regex to assist with firing View Contents events: 
    • Dealers that use CarsForSale as their Site Provider and are on EventFlow 2.0 should start seeing more View Content events fire 
  • The Recheck Status button on the Page access request step of onboarding has been updated to check the current status of the page access request:
    • Before it was waiting every hour to check the status and this button will now check on demand so once a Dealer accepts the page access request they can select the Recheck Status button and it will update
  • Modified the Reseller Facebook Advertising Report and Facebook Budgeting Tool pacing pages to pull in Ad Accounts that are not owned by your agency:
    • This will allow Ad Accounts that have been shared with your agency to show up on both reports
  • Corrected an error with the Agency Settings page that was taking the user to Agency Onboarding instead of allowing changes to be made to their Facebook Connection user:
    • You can now log into Facebook to repopulate the Facebook Connection user on this page.
  • Removed the option for users to select a Marketplace call tracking number during onboarding: 
    • The bug occurred when a Marketplace+ and Ads product were onboarded at the same time. 
    • Call tracking for onboarding with only Marketplace+ only has already been implemented.
  • Corrected an error with the Playbook deployment that was duplicating Special Ad Audiences.
  • Initiated an update for Pinterest to implement the new event mapping specification:
    • We are now triggering Add To Cart events on VDP pages instead of Sign Up events.
      • This was a required change by Pinterest in order for dynamically retargeting to occur. 
      • This has been updated for all current clients that had Pinterest set up in their GTM.
    • Cost per Content View (CPCV) can now be viewed on the Pinterest Dashboard in the Pinterest Adverting Overview card:
    • Convent View, Cost per Content View, and Content View rate have also been added to the Pinterest dashboard:
      • Note: The metrics for Content Views will be lower than expected for previous reporting months on Pinterest as we were triggering Add To Cart events on service pages before this change so they will naturally have less traffic than VDP pages. Going forward you should see these numbers improve.
  • Made updates to the MarketAnalyzer:
    • Standardized the audience size to not include decimals
    • Standardized Suggested Monthly Spend to not include decimals
    • Added a $ sign to Suggested Monthly Spend where it was missing
    • When generating a Market Report, it will now scroll to the top of the page instead of landing the user in the middle of the page
    • Corrected a scrolling issue on the Customize Audience panel that was scrolling the background page instead of the panel
    • Corrected an issue where searchable businesses were not selectable
    • Removed "Powered by BuyerBridge" underneath the MarketAnalyzer header
  • Special Ad Category Countries will now populate with a variable for country code when FB plays are extracted that require this field.
  • When requesting page access during onboarding, it will now display a Pending status in onboarding instead of revoked while the system gathers the page request details.