Monthly Updates - November 2022

🚀  Coming Soon

  • Brand-New Ad Builder + Ad Launcher: LIVE Demo

    Our team is working on building 2 of the most powerful tools in the automotive industry: the BuyerBridge Ad Builder + Ad Launcher. These brand-new tools will be a game-changer for BuyerBridge users – providing partners with the ability to quickly upload, build, and launch social media ad campaigns ALL from within BuyerBridge. 

    Ad Builder

    Upload a single image or video file and we will instantly format your uploaded file into the correct size so it's fully optimized for Meta, Snapchat, and TikTok. Then, easily customize your ad copy and calls-to-action per channel, all in one place!

    Ad Launcher

    Take the ads you've created in the Ad Builder, and deploy them! Fully customize your campaign and ad set structure, select your geographic targeting, define your audience targeting, and set your budgets — then launch your ads!

    Watch a live demo of our awesome tools to see how they work in real-time. 

By default, BuyerBridge Partners are added to our “waitlist" and will be the first to receive additional information about the tool & know when it’s launched! 

🔍 In Case You Missed It

  • November Partner Meetup 

    Did you attend our Partner Meetup last month? We went over the NADA 2022 mid year market report, new product features, and did a LIVE demo of our most exciting tools that are coming soon to BuyerBridge (Ad Builder + Ad Launcher). 

    🎥 [WATCH NOW] November Partner Recording

  • Quiz For Auto Marketers

    Take our 4-question quiz to identify important gaps in any marketing strategy – whether that be your own businesses, or your dealer-clients! And after you’ve identified additional opportunities to maximize exposure, leverage our 20 free business-profile guides! 

  • State of Automotive 2022: Virtual Event 

    Access dozens of resources, webinars, and meaningful discussions about: advertising best practices in 2023, relationship marketing and networking, changes to the digital marketing landscape / auto industry, and more!

    • 12 on-demand interviews with industry experts
    • 6 social media best practices webinars
    • 19 actionable resource downloads

    Start streaming now!

🔧 Bug, Fixes, and Improvements

  • TikTok Ad text will now be displayed on the Campaign Management Ad previews.
  • Snapchat now requires that a Public Profile is set to be used for each Ad. Ads that were previously deployed without the Public Profile data will now display the correct account name within the ads.