Monthly Updates - October 2021

🚀 Coming Soon

  • TikTok Inventory Ads

    TikTok Inventory Ads will soon be available for Agencies to deploy for their dealer-clients. Even though this product is still in the Beta Test and is currently available to all users, we wanted to give you a glimpse into what you can expect.

    Get a sneak-peek into what we’ve been working on behind the scenes here: “Coming Soon: TikTok Inventory Ads (In Beta Test)” 

  • Pinterest Inventory Ads

    Agencies will soon be able to run Ads on Pinterest for dealer-clients through BuyerBridge. Users will not have immediate access to Pinterest features, but we wanted to give you an overview of what to expect.

    See what we have in store here: “Coming Soon: Pinterest Inventory Ads (In Beta Test)” 

  • Reminder: Snapchat Inventory Ads

    As previously mentioned, currently there are only a select number of qualified agencies in a Beta test for Snapchat Inventory Ads but this product will soon be available for all agencies! 

    Want to know about what is coming? Click here: “Coming Soon: Snapchat Inventory Ads (In Beta Test)” 

🎉  New Product Features

  • Advanced MarketAnalyzer Tool

    It’s officially here: BuyerBridge’s Advanced MarketAnalyzer Tool, a powerful tool to help identify which channels dealer-clients should be on (like Snapchat, TikTok, & Pinterest), PLUS the exact advertising budget they should be spending on each with key insights.

  • BuyerBridge Partner Assets Portal

    Access is now available to the incredible animations + images featured on our new website. These assets make the platform/product features easy to understand and explain.

    Find out how to access and use the new Partner Assets here: BuyerBridge Partner Assets Portal  
  • Editable Agency Sales Assets: Snapchat Inventory Ads

    Use these 3 brand-new agency resources to show dealers how they will reach a ton more in-market auto shoppers using Snapchat Inventory ads!  

    • Snapchat Inventory Ads (one-pager)
    • Snapchat Inventory Ads (slide-deck)
    • Snapchat Inventory Ads (email sequence) 

Click here to access and start editing these assets!

🙌  Enhancements

  • Troubleshooting Marketplace Issues For Agencies

    Since Facebook removed the ability to post listings to Marketplace via automation, there have been issues brought to our attention. We have documented common problems/questions being experienced and potential resolutions + answers. 

    Check out these articles if you are having issues with Marketplace or have questions:
  • UPDATE: Facebook Advertising Metrics

    We made slight changes to some of the metrics within the Facebook Advertising Report in order to accommodate the format of the MarketAnalyzer Tool.

    • Unique Clicks has been replaced with CLICKS 
    • Totals” will now be abbreviated. (Example: 175K, 20M, 2.25%.)
      • You can now click the number and it will copy the non-abbreviated number to your clipboard.

🔧 Bug Fixes and Improvements

  • We made an update to our Marketplace Management Tool and removed an override in place: 
    • If a description is less than 100 characters, it will be included as part of your dealer-client’s Marketplace Tasks and will no longer use default messaging. 
    • If no description is present, your dealer-client’s listing will be sent without the description.
  • Improvements were made to our Chatbot, the chatbot will now work for:
    • ON FB AIA listings that include the VIN in the initial chatbot message
    • Marketplace listings that do not include a VIN in the initial chatbot message
  • We’ve updated EventFlow to track additional widgets.
  • We noticed there was an issue where Offline Events were being shown as processed within the Offline Event Uploader Tool. 
    • Events were still being processed on Facebook's side and reporting back Sales attribution but they were not being properly recorded in the BuyerBridge platform.
    • We are going to go through the previous uploads for October and attempt to correct as many as we can so the upload status will show as processed. 
      • 🚨 IMPORTANT: You may receive a duplicate email saying your events have been processed. Your CPS should not be affected or duplicated! This data is being recorded in our system only.
  • If you were having an issue exporting Facebook Advertising Reports, not anymore! We made changes to ensure that the Export button functions properly.