Monthly Updates - September 2021

🚀 Coming Soon

  • Snapchat Inventory Ads

    Agencies will soon be able to run Ads on Snapchat for dealers through BuyerBridge. Users will not have immediate access to Snapchat features inside of the BuyerBridge platform, but we wanted to give you an overview of what to expect.

    Get a sneak-peek into what we’ve been working on behind the scenes here: “Coming Soon: Snapchat Inventory Ads Inside BuyerBridge” 

  • Upgraded MarketAnalyzer Tool

    Our team has been building a powerful tool that gives your agency everything needed to identify the market opportunity for dealers across multiple channels, and how to maximize your clients’ ad spend. 

    Learn about this new tool and the value it provides your agency here: “New & Improved: MarketAnalyzer Tool”

🎉  New Product Features

  • Facebook Marketplace Solution: Marketplace Management Tool

    It’s officially here: BuyerBridge’s Marketplace Management Tool! Our new tool drastically reduces the time it takes for your agency or dealer client’s to identify, post, update, and delete dealer listings. 

    Everything you need to know about the Marketplace Management Tool can be found in the following articles: 

  • Editable Agency Sales Assets: Facebook Marketplace Solution

    Click here to use these 3 new agency sales assets and help your clients get their vehicles back on Facebook Marketplace after the removal of listing automation:

    • “How To Use The Facebook Marketplace Management Tool” Dealer Guide (editable doc)
    • Facebook Marketplace Solution (slide-deck)
    • Facebook Marketplace Solution (email sequence)

🔧 Bug Fixes and Improvements

  • Changes deployed to the Chatbot:
    • We fixed an issue with the Chatbot panel option not being displayed to dealers that were only enrolled in our Marketplace+ product.
    • To avoid our Chatbot not responding or recording messages where a Catalog ID or VIN number was not provided in the initial message, we will now look at the Marketplace listing URL provided in the initial Chatbot message and compare it to the URL we have on file from the Add task completed within the Marketplace posting tool.
  • There was an issue retrieving metrics when user-selected dates in the future that contained no metrics, therefore we made changes to the Date selector so that it only allows users to select up to 1 day in the future.
    • Dates beyond 1 day in the future will be displayed as grey and crossed out in the date selector.
  • Our Report Builder templates screen was enhanced and is now able to pull more than 25 reports from the backend.
  • We deployed a fix to resolve the issue of dealers being unable to onboard additional products, like Marketplace, through our onboarding upgrade flow.
    • Dealers will now be able to progress through onboarding and add another product to their account. 
  • An update was made to the service that downloads Marketplace listing images from our Marketplace Management Tool in order to ensure that more than 20 images can be downloaded without encountering any errors.