Navigating The MSN Autos Marketplace Page

How To View Vehicle Listings On MSN Autos Marketplace 

If your agency’s dealer client has the MSN product enabled in BuyerBridge, we will automatically start sending their vehicles to MSN Autos Marketplace. 

  1. You can view listings on MSN Autos Marketplace in 2 ways: 
  2. Next, enter the dealership zip code.

Example (image below): If we are looking for vehicles listed under the dealership, Sarasota Ford. After entering your zip code, type “Ford” in the search box to help narrow the results.

Currently, there is no direct way to access specific listings for the vehicle. Results will need to be filtered using the Filter options under the Filter Results table on the left side of the page.

3. Drop down the ‘Dealer name’ search filter > select the dealership's name to narrow the results. This will then display all of the vehicles relating to the dealer.

TIP: Clear All filters besides ‘Dealer name’ to view results for a specific dealership only. (See screenshot below!)

Viewing Individual Listings on MSN Autos Marketplace

When you click on an individual listing, it will direct you to the specific vehicle’s page which contains all of the vehicle details. 

NOTE: From the individual vehicle listing page, users will have the ability to click “Check availability” which will direct them to the vehicle’s VDP page on the dealer’s website. 

It’s that easy!