Changes To The BuyerBridge Navigation Menu

Heads up: the BuyerBridge navigation menu will look a little different to you next time you enter the platform, and here’s why:

Prior to this update, the BuyerBridge navigation menu was Facebook-specific.

...but our team has been working towards expanding and making new (and exciting!) channels available, so we’ve reorganized the navigation menu to accommodate future channels.

What’s Changed Inside of BuyerBridge?

The menu looks and feels very much the same! 👇



FYI: Nothing within the “Reseller” area of the navigation menu has changed!

First, global sections that are not channel-specific, such as the overall Dashboard, Leads, and Inventory can be found at the top of the BuyerBridge navigation menu.

The second change you’ll notice is that the Reports, Playbooks, and the Offline Event Uploader are no longer located in the same place.

With these new changes, each different channel that your dealer has onboarded will be under the Channels section of the navigation menu.

Once you click on a channel, the channel-specific dashboard will display and you can access  Playbooks, Reports, and other tools available for that channel from the drop-down menu.

The whole goal of these changes to the BuyerBridge navigation menu is to keep everything organized and easy to locate as we move towards making additional channels available. 

If you have any questions, shoot an email to