Monthly Updates - October 2019


  • VIN stats in the dashboard

    We’ve rolled out an exciting new report which will allow you to view, filter and export all vehicle performance data right from within the dashboard.

  • Call tracking onboarding in dashboard

    If you would like to enable call tracking for newly onboarded dealers (which we recommend) you can now enable it and select from the available numbers within the onboarding form.

  • Ultimate in dashboard

    You can now onboard dealers to our Ultimate program within the dashboard.  To get started, choose "Ultimate" during onboarding.

  • Exports

    You can now export leads, onboarding status, and vehicle performance within the dashboard. We’ll be working to ensure that all existing and new reports have export capabilities moving forward.

  • Chatbot in Beta

    We’re pleased to release the first version of our Marketplace Chatbot. The program is in a limited beta and will be available for onboarding within the dashboard this quarter. Talk to your rep to see if you qualify for the program.

  • The monitoring system in Beta

    We are now monitoring page access and ad account performance with new monitoring coming in the near future. Our support team is tending to the issues behind the scenes and we plan to expose monitoring data and alerts within the dashboard before EOY. 


  • Budgeting allocations on Pro and Ultimate will now provision disabled campaigns but show them with the word “Disabled – “ to prevent accidental activation
  • The start date on onboarding will now automatically set the start date for provisioned ad sets. Note that this still does not guarantee when onboarding will be finished. If onboarding lapses a start date the ad sets will start upon approval
  • Newly provisioned ad accounts will automatically create custom conversions in the following actions. We are working on retroactively applying these to existing accounts over the next few weeks:
    • Phone Click
    • Email Click
    • Form Conversion
    • Page Conversion
    • Widget Conversion
    • VDP View
    • SRP View
    • Trade View
    • Financing View
    • Contact View
    • Hours & Directions View
    • Specials View
    • Phone Call
    • Text Message
  • Chatbot customers can now set messaging defaults to control what the bot says for their reseller account and can override each dealer. This includes the ability to skip messages. A custom copy can include dynamic replacements for dealer and vehicle info (e.g. “Would you like more information on this {make} {model}?”). Contact your rep to learn more about the Chatbot and if you would like to implement a custom copy.
  • All newly created Pro and Ultimate deployments now automatically comply with Facebook’s HEC (Housing Employment & Credit) guidelines. The API was only just released and given the importance of compliance we rolled this out just 2 days after the notice from our Facebook product reps.

Bug Fixes

  • Some resellers noticed that the Marketplace metrics weren’t displaying. This was due to permissions and has been resolved. If you’re still having issues contact your rep.
  • Marketplace stat reports weren’t processing for certain dealers with unknown characters in their names. We are now using dealer IDs to associate the data which should improve reporting consistency.
  • Chatbot now properly detects non-standard email addresses (e.g.
  • Some ad accounts were rolling out single image carousels on Pro and Ultimate. Standard deployments will now properly use full carousels.