Pinterest Conversion Event Reporting In BuyerBridge

In Pinterest Ads Manager, conversion events are based on the "date of ad event" by default, while BuyerBridge reports on conversion events based on the "date of conversion event."

Why Is BuyerBridge Reporting This Way?

After much consideration, BuyerBridge feels that using “date of conversion” to report on conversion events will provide a higher level of accuracy.

Using “date of conversion” to trigger a conversion event will show the conversion occurring during the month the action (purchase, lead, etc.) took place instead of when the ad leading to the action was viewed.


If an ad was viewed on July 31st, but the shopper waited until August 1st to fill out a lead form, here’s how the event would be reported based on how it was measured:

  • Date Of Conversion Event: The action taken, filling out the lead form, will be reported in August. 
  • Date Of Ad Event: The action would only be able to be seen when looking at July reporting again. This means that a client would need to go to the previous month’s reporting to see if the metrics had changed.

Conversion events measured using “date of conversion” as the trigger will help minimize the number of times your client needs to return to the report for a month that has already ended. 

Keep in mind that with the change to the “date of conversion” event for Pinterest conversion reporting, your client’s historical data for Pinterest Offline Conversion events will not change, so you will not be seeing any modifications to previous reports.

How To Change Conversion Report Settings In Pinterest Ads Manager:

You may wish to change Pinterest Ads Manager's conversion settings to match up to the BuyerBridge reports.

To do this, log in the Pinterest Business Center for your client's campaigns. While viewing the active campaigns, click "Conversion Settings," then under "Conversion date for daily reporting", select "Date of conversion event."

If you have any further questions about Pinterest Conversion Event Reporting or are having issues, please do not hesitate to reach out to