Snapchat Inventory Ads [Editable Agency Sales Assets]

Here are 3 brand-new agency resources to help your agency encourage dealers to take their inventory ads to Snapchat. 

There are 3 new resources your agency will have the ability to access, edit, and share with your client's: 

  1. Snapchat Inventory Ads (one-pager)
  2. Snapchat Inventory Ads (slide deck)
  3. Snapchat Inventory Ads Email Sequences

What’s Inside Of The “Snapchat Inventory Ads” One-Pager?

Our Snapchat Inventory Ads one-pager includes 4 key areas that will allow your agency to establish the "who," "what," "where," "how," and "why" for running ads on Snapchat. 

  • Problem
  • Solution
  • Key Features
  • Core Benefits

If your dealer client is looking to reach the right user, at the right time, where they are spending time, then this resource will give them a better idea of how important it is for them to be on Snapchat, and why Snapchat has become such a valuable platform they need to utilize. 

Start Editing Now! 

  1. Click here to access the editable version of this “Snapchat Inventory Ads” one-pager on and make the resource your own.
  2. Click Use template and start editing! 

Customize the color, size, style, and more elements of the one-pager, like: 

  • Logo
  • Titles
  • Text Headings
  • Specified shapes

What’s Inside Of The “Snapchat Inventory Ads” Slide-Deck?

The Snapchat Inventory Ads slide deck includes 9 slides that go over:

  • How Snapchat is NOT just for teens
  • The opportunity to reach auto shoppers on Snapchat
  • Why dealers need to be running Snapchat Inventory Ads
  • 5 Ad examples that actually work
  • Snapchat Inventory Ads REAL Results!
  • And a Call-To-Action

Start Editing Now! 

Access the Snapchat Inventory Ads Slide Deck

  1. Click here to access the editable version of our “Snapchat Inventory Ads” slide deck in Google Slides.
  2. Make sure you're logged into a Google account and then make your copy of the “Snapchat Inventory Ads” slide deck by clicking File > Make a Copy > Entire Presentation.
  3. Start editing! 

Customize the color, size, style, and more elements of the slide deck, including: 

  • Logo
  • Titles
  • Text Headings
  • Text
  • Specified shapes

To replace the "LOGO" placeholder with your agency's logo...

  1. From the menu toolbar located above the slide deck, click Slide > Edit Theme
  2. Navigate to the slide located underneath the "Theme" section.
  3. Select the "LOGO" placeholder and delete it. 
  4. Drag and drop OR click insert image to insert your agency's logo to the theme slide. Resize and move the logo to where you want it...all done!

Now your agency can show your dealers exactly why Snapchat is a platform they need to be present on! 

Snapchat Inventory Ads Email Sequence

Email #1

Something you need to know...

If you're not on Snapchat and think it's "just for teenagers," you're mistaken!

Snapchat is NOT just for teenagers, in fact, a staggering 82% of Snapchatters are over 18YO and 51% are over 25YO!

And here's another fun fact: 1 in every 3 new car registrations is made up of Millennials and Gen Z.

Stay tuned for more reasons why your dealership needs to be running Snapchat Inventory Ads.

Talk soon!

Email #2

You're missing out on auto shoppers!
In today's digital landscape, it's up to your dealership to meet the right users, at the right time, WHERE they are spending time...and right now, that's on Snapchat

If you're not advertising on Snapchat, then there's a huge bucket of potential customers that you're not reaching. 

Don't believe me? The data speaks for itself...

40% of Snapchat users do not use alternative social platforms on any given day

28% of users reveal they are in-market for a vehicle in the next 12 months

On average, users spend 30 minutes/day, every day, on Snapchat 

It's time to take advantage of your audience on Snapchat before the competition does! 

Email #3

One question...

Are you ready to meet your dealership's audience on Snapchat? 

Reply back "YES" and we'll reach out with details on the next steps.