TikTok Inventory Ads [Editable One-Pager]

It's time to get more of your dealer clients advertising on TikTok - where opportunities are endless and engagement is BOOMING!

Customize our latest agency partner asset, the "TikTok Inventory Ads" one-pager to start getting dealers excited.

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Our TikTok Inventory Ads template provides important stats that are sure to convince your clients to add TikTok ads to their advertising strategy - PLUS we dive into the key features and benefits...

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1. Click here to access the editable version of this “TikTok Inventory Ads” one-pager on Canva.com and make the resource your own.

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You can customize ALL of the elements of the template, including: Text, Font, Font Size, Font Color, Images, Logo, Icons, etc...

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3. Once you are done editing, change the name of the Canva project, and click Share > Download > PDF > Download.  

If you have any questions or complications as you customize this asset, reach out via email to lauren@buyerbridge.com!