Understanding The Difference Between Unique Clicks, Link Clicks & Outbound Clicks

What is the difference between unique link clicks, link clicks, and outbound clicks?  


Unique Clicks = the unique users who click any link

Link Clicks = how many times each one of those unique users clicked. 

Outbound Clicks = how many times a user clicks a link and leaves Facebook (i.e. visits your website)


Ferris Bueller clicks five links across all of your ads in the given reporting period.

Day 1: Ad1 -  clicks Learn More and goes to your website
Day 7: Ad2 - clicks Shop Now and goes to your website
Day 15: Ad3 - clicks Like on your ad
Day 17: Ad4 - clicks Learn More and goes to your website
Day 28: Ad5 - clicks Sign Up and fills out a Lead Form on Facebook

Unique Clicks = 1
Link Clicks = 5  (Ad1, Ad2, Ad3, Ad4 and Ad5)
Outbound Link Clicks = 3 (Ad1, Ad2, and Ad4)