Update: Omni-Vertical Changes Within BuyerBridge

As of Monday, June 13th 2022, the language inside the BuyerBridge dashboard has changed to be in line with our efforts to go "Omni-Vertical," and serve all other industries and verticals in addition to automotive.

Watch Video: Omni-Vertical Changes In BuyerBridge


More About BuyerBridge + Omni-Vertical:

As of March 2022, BuyerBridge has officially launched phase 1 of our vertical expansion! With our new AdvertisingLITE product, users can add any vertical/industry to our platform and will be able to utilize the following features.

Contact your Partner Experience Manager or email support@buyerbridge.com to get started!  🚀

Language and Navigation Changes Inside BuyerBridge

As of Monday, June 13th, “Agency” will be changed to “Organization,” and “Dealer” will be changed to “Account” globally across the platform.

This change is applied throughout the URL structure of the dashboard as well.

While we have redirects in place to properly route the old URL structures, we recommend you re-establish any browser bookmarks or direct links in your own communications.

Any automotive-specific icons and language in our navigation have also changed globally, for example:

  • “All Dealers” navigation is now “All Accounts” with a new icon
  • “Inventory” navigation is now paired with a package icon instead of a car 

New "Industry" Selection During Onboarding

When onboarding a new client to BuyerBridge, you will now be required to select which "Industry" the client is in.

Currently, options for Industry selection include the following: Automotive, Legal, Healthcare, Real Estate, Restaurant, Travel, and Other.

Automotive-Only Features & Account Settings

For your automotive client accounts, you will still have visibility into automotive-specific features!

Users will continue to have access to the Inventory tab from the navigation menu, Site provider setup in Onboarding, as well as ADF/XML Lead destinations.

BuyerBridge will determine which accounts correspond to which verticals based on your  “Industry” selection during new client Onboarding and will change the dashboard experience accordingly.

If you have any questions about these changes, please contact us at support@buyerbridge.com