Updates & Improvements To Website Conversion Campaigns

Good news - there’s a new Apple iOS 14 update!

These updates are part of the ongoing developments that we announced with our original iOS 14 guidance and are meant to:

  • Provide you with increased flexibility and business value for campaign management 
  • And measurement and optimization of your website conversion campaigns.

These updates include:

  1. Relaxing the 72-hour reset period for ad campaigns when an advertiser makes changes to their event configuration so that ad sets will not be paused. However, advertisers will still be limited in how often they can make changes.
  2. Expanding our use of conversion modeling to include it in our 7-day click default attribution setting.
  3. Providing additional flexibility for Website Conversion campaigns, allowing optimization beyond the top 8 prioritized events in Events Manager.

As the advertising ecosystem continues to shift, we will continue to use ad technology that restricts, aggregates, and delays events reporting to respect users' privacy choices; these updates are meant to alleviate current pain points with our web-based business tools.

We expect future changes and new product iterations and will continue to help you navigate these shifts. You will be able to reference this article to find updated resources plus recommendations.