New Whitelabel Settings: Privacy Policy/Links + Support Icon

If you are a  Whitelabeled Organization with BuyerBridge we now have some exciting Whitelabel settings for you!

In this article we are going to be diving into exactly what those settings are alongside how to access & change them:

Use the links below to jump to any section:

  • An easy way to access Whitelabel Settings
  • Swap out the BuyerBridge Privacy Policy + Terms
  • Turn off the BuyerBridge Support Icon

What Do The New Whitelabel Settings Include?

Update Privacy Policy & “Terms” Links

If you have a website that collects personal data from users, you need a Privacy Policy…With BuyerBridge we make it easy for you to whitelabel your existing Privacy Policy + Terms links!

A privacy policy sets out how to use a website and protects any information that is provided by your clients’ shoppers during their sessions on their website. It ensures shoppers the commitment to protecting their privacy.

It also protects your organization by being transparent and explicit in terms of what you decide the purpose of the privacy policy to be!

There are multiple ways to access Privacy Policies with BuyerBridge.

You can access BuyerBridge’s Privacy Policy from the bottom right corner of your Dashboard. This is the default organization that you will see the Privacy Policy + Terms for but if you keep these it does not necessarily help with the protection of your organization or be explicit with your clients.

But you now have the ability to swap out the BuyerBridge “Privacy Policy” and “Our Terms” links with your own or your clients when needed.

Hide The Support Icon

You no longer have to worry about accidentally sending clients to BuyerBridge Help Center. We have made the Support Icon hideable for any client that has access to your Organizations page! To activate the hidden Support Icon you can toggle the Hide/Show toggle. 

How To Access & Change Whitelabel Settings

To access the whitelabel settings you can now go to Organizations > Settings > click the Settings gear icon

This will prompt the “Whitelabel Settings” slide-out panel to display, where you can update your privacy policy and “terms” links, + hide the support icon!

How To Change Your Privacy Policy & Terms Links

From the “Whitelabel Settings” slide-out panel:

  • Check the box next to “Override BuyerBridge Privacy Policy and Our Terms”
  • Enter new links into the Privacy Policy and Terms fields
  • Click Save


How To Turn The Support Icon On / Off

If at any time you want to change whether or not the Support Icon is displayed, it is as easy as toggling the “Hide” button on / off from the “Whitelabel Settings” panel.


If you have more questions or need assistance with this please contact your support team at