Automotive Inventory Ads (Formally Dynamic Ads for Auto)

Use a dealerships inventory and machine learning to find local, in-market and active vehicle shoppers.

Automotive Inventory Ads (AIA) allow you to import your entire vehicle inventory to Facebook and automatically promote the most relevant vehicles to each person in your audience. It also helps ensure that you are only showing vehicles with the right price, color and other specifications based on your currently available inventory.

AIA use advanced machine learning to capture prospective in-market shoppers who are actively researching online. 

Automotive Inventory Ads automatically show the dealer’s most compelling inventory to the right audiences - driving them to vehicle detail pages, lead submission forms or other areas you prefer. 

With this integration, you can make sure that your most relevant vehicles are shown to potential auto buyers - allowing you to focus on closing the sale.


There are 3 key steps to set up Automotive Inventory Ads:

  1. Set up your catalog
  2. Implement a pixel
  3. Create an automotive inventory ad

BuyerBridge automatically takes care of this entire process with a few clicks. No technical knowledge needed.

With over 80 integration providers and dedicated web crawler/scraper, we integrate with almost every dealerships feed and website

BuyerBridge will also continuously sync a dealers inventory daily with Facebook catalogs so your ads have the most up-to-date vehicle availability and pricing.

Last, BuyerBridge will install an advanced automotive tag on your site to track SRP / VDP views, leads, calls and allow dynamic retargeting so users see the exact and similar vehicles to their browsing history on your site. 

Sign up today at and start running Facebook Automotive Inventory Ads within a few clicks.