Best Practices For Omnichannel Ad Creative on BuyerBridge

Ready to setup and deploy an ad across multiple platforms with BuyerBridge? 

Our Ad Builder will help you optimize a single file for multiple channels for you to deploy with BuyerBridge.

Since each platform has different formats, dimensions/ratios, preferred lengths, and file sizes, the guide and specifications below will help you design creative that is the most applicable to all social media channels using BuyerBridge.

Please note: At this time, BuyerBridge does not support Carousel or Collection formats in our Ad Builder or Ad Launcher tools. This feature is coming soon!

For specific guidelines for each channel, please refer to the “Additional Requirements” section at the end of this document.


We recommend uploading a square or vertical media file platform so that our Ad Builder can properly format and optimize your file.

Recommended file dimensions for your initial file uploads:

  • Square - 1080px x 1080px (1:1 aspect ratio) 
  • Vertical - 1080px x 1920px (9:16 aspect ratio)

For Meta specific Aspect Ratios, click here.

Why do file upload dimensions matter when using BuyerBridge Ad Builder?

The BuyerBridge Ad Builder will automatically resize and add a blurred background to compensate for any gaps to fill each channel’s recommended ad dimensions, but using the below recommendations will ensure the file you upload can be fully maximized.

Duration / Length (Video only)

  • Recommended: Under 15 seconds in length
  • Acceptable range is between 1 - 30 seconds

File Format

  • Image: .jpg, .jpeg, or .png
  • Video: .mp4 or .mov

TikTok requires a video file. To create and deploy an ad to TikTok, you must upload a video file option in the BuyerBridge Ad Builder.

File Size 

  • Video: 250 MB or less
  • Image: 5 MB or less

Note: If your uploaded file size is large, it may take longer for our platform to ingest and transform the media. 

Safe Zone Requirements:

Each platform places text/copy and elements such as logos, channel branding, and engagement icons in different places on your ads. 

For this reason, we have provided a “Universal Safe Zone” template to help you design your creative files most applicable for all social channels (Meta, Snapchat, and TikTok.)

Download the templates below to help you stay inside the Safe Zones of each channel. You can have images and colors outside of the Safe Zone, but try to keep your text within the defined “Text Is Safe Here” area.

Looking for platform specific safe zone guides? Download the Snapchat Safe Zone Guide or the TikTok Safe Zone Guide.

Additional Requirements:

  • Letterboxing and pillar boxing are not allowed
    • Letterboxing is when you have a solid plain color rectangle without graphics, animation or text located on top and bottom that lasts for over 50% of the ads duration. This is a common practice for advertisers who do not take the time to fill the entire ad space.

Ad creative best practices

  • 0:03 - 0:05 is the sweet spot for video length to drive action
  • Align creative with targeting where possible. Higher relevancy can lead to higher engagement and conversion rates!
  • Provide an offer message if available within second 2 or 3
  • Use less text on images and videos. When you use text, try to keep a small proportion of text to images. We've found that images and videos with less than 20% text perform better.
  • Keep Ad creative simple and concise with a clear key message. Video ads should seek to mirror the bite-sized and linear storytelling.