Dealer Onboarding Prep: Requirements & Recommendations

Review the following materials BEFORE  the first onboarding call with your account owner to ensure your onboarding experience is as fast and efficient as possible. 

Requirements & Recommendations


  • Make sure that your agency has successfully onboarded BuyerBridge using the unique invite link sent to you via email!


If you don’t know your clients' Website/Feed provider, or it is not in our list, we will be unable to drive traffic to their website VDP and therefore will recommend that they run On-Facebook AIA ONLY.

    • Know your dealer client's desired advertising budget
      • Want key auto shopper insights that will help maximize your client's opportunity on Facebook? We have a free tool to help you figure out exactly that and then some: MarketAnalyzer Tool
    Coming Soon: New Omni-Analyzer tool - a tool to help your auto agency determine your clients' potential opportunity on multiple channels and how to allocate their budget to maximize dealers' advertising budget! 
    • Review a breakdown of our Products and the different packages we offer here.
      • Marketplace, Marketplace+
      • Advertising, Advertising+
    • Running ads on Facebook? We have 150+ different Playbooks options...from AIA On-Facebook and OEM-Specific to Branding and Buyback. 
      • Click here to find out everything you need to know about our Playbook library and the Playbooks inside to identify which one(s) align with your dealer client's objective.
      If you only want to deploy Playbook's for Automotive Inventory Ads on Facebook, find out which AIA Playbook is for your client here. 
      • Facebook Page Access: Know your Dealership Client’s Facebook Page Name
      (BONUS points if you have been granted access to it with the correct permissions - Manage Permissions)

        Once you have reviewed our requirements/recommendations and feel's time to onboard your first dealer client!


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