Facebook Lead Attributions Explained

Last updated: 1/23/2023

Have you ever wondered “Why do the leads in Ads Manager not match the leads on my BuyerBridge Dashboard?” Well, wonder no more! This article will answer that.

The Basics

There are 3 types of attribution used by Facebook to distribute leads into Ads Manager. They are:

  • 1-Day View
  • 1-Day Click
  • 7-Day Click

NOTE: Facebook chooses which attribution is used based on the campaign being used. 

Attributions In Ads Manager

In the above example, you are viewing the attributions in Ads Manager at the Ad Set level. The Campaign has two different Ad Sets, Prospecting and Retargeting. Facebook automatically sets the attribution to 1-Day Click, this is why there are 98 leads being attributed to this Campaign.

Attributions In BuyerBridge

In the BuyerBridge Dashboard, you are shown 101 leads being attributed to this campaign.

How can that be?

Buyerbrige has direct Facebook API access and can see all three levels of attribution at once as our default setting.

NOTE: You can find those attribution settings at the top of the funnel under “Website Attribution”.

The default setting is 1-Day View and 7-Day Click. This setting will cover all attribution windows but if you want to change those settings you can by clicking on the radial buttons. 

If you look at the 3 attributions separately, you will see:

  • 98 leads from 1-Day Click
  • 1 lead  from 7-Day Click  + 98 leads from 1-Day Click makes the total 99 leads
  • 2 leads from 1-Day View

That gives a  total of 101 leads. All of the leads shown in the BuyerBridge Dashboard come from Website Attribution.

What is a Website Attribution? 

Website Attribution is when a user interacts with an ad, by clicking on the ad from Facebook, visiting the website and filling out a lead form on the website, or just by viewing the ad on Facebook and then going to the website directly and submitting a lead form.

If you have questions or are in need of any support do not hesitate to contact support@buyerbridge.com.