How do I choose the right feed provider?

Your dealership contact will typically know who their feed provider is but a common mistake in this process is to assume that the feed provider is the best source of inventory.  Confusing, right?

We typically prefer to get the inventory from the site provider in cases where they're supported and we know we can rely on their data more-so than the feed provider.  Site providers typically have more consistent data for vehicle images, VDP URLs and pricing for us in advertising.

If you see your site provider in the list below we recommend also using them as your feed provider!

  • DealerOn
  • CDK
  • Zopdealer
  • DealerFront
  • DealerEProcess
  • DeakerSocket
  • DealerSpike
  • DealerCenter
  • eBizAuto
  • DealerSync
  • fusionZONE