How To Deactivate BuyerBridge Products For Client Accounts

To deactivate a BuyerBridge product from a client account:

  • Login to BuyerBridge and type in the appropriate account name in the “Account” box. 
  • Next, use the left navigation to go to Account Settings under the Account Name.

  • Once on the Account Settings page under Channels Overview section, click the Subscriptions icon.

  • In the slide out Subscriptions panel, select the checkbox next to any Product you want to remove from the client account.

  • Click the checkbox confirming that you agree to remove this product from your accounts and responsible for any campaigns active in the related Ads Managers.

IMPORTANT: Although you are removing the product from the client account in BuyerBridge, you are responsible for any campaigns that may still be active on your client's social platforms / Ads Managers, and you will need to turn those off using the platforms directly once you have deactivated the product in BuyerBridge.

  • Click the “Remove” button.