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How to Submit & Open a Facebook Support Ticket

Are you experiencing complications with your client's ads on Facebook? 

Whether you have basic questions about Business Manager or need help solving technical issues/bugs, submitting a Facebook Support ticket will help.

Here are some examples of complications where you should submit a Facebook Support ticket. 

  • Technical issues/bugs
  • Basic reporting and Insights questions
  • Pages requests (page merges, global pages, verifications, etc)
  • Ad Disapprovals/Policy
  • Ad Performance and Delivery
  • Ad Account Settings and Management Tools
  • Payment/ Invoicing/Billing
  • Business Manager Questions

But before submitting a support ticket with Facebook, try searching Facebook’s Business Resource Hub for related documentation.

If you are unable to find the support you need, follow along with our guide and quickly submit a Facebook Support ticket.

How to Submit a Facebook Support Ticket

1. Visit Facebook Advertising Support: https://www.facebook.com/business/help/support.

You can also get to Facebook Advertising Support from the Meta Business Help Center by clicking Support in the upper right corner.

Now, it’s simple: Select Asset, Select the Issue and Get Help. 

2. Select the asset you need help with or select a business to find connected assets.

(Assets connected to your organization’s Business Manager should automatically display, but if you don’t see the asset you’re looking for, you can search for any asset by name or ID, OR select a business to find connected assets and click Go!)

Pro Tip: Use the “All asset types” drop-down to specify which type of asset you need support with.

3. After you have chosen the specific Asset, select the Issue

You’ve reached the last step, “Get Help,” where you will be provided with a possible solution or answer to your issue. 

If the information that you are given at this step does not meet your expectations or resolve the issue, and you still need help:

4. From the “Get Help” page, click Contact support and provide additional details on the issue > click Start Chat.

Your information will be passed to a Facebook representative who will join you shortly in a live chat!

How to Check on the Status of Your Support Request:

1. Visit Facebook Advertising Support: https://www.facebook.com/business/help/support

You can also get to Facebook Advertising Support from the Meta Business Help Center by clicking Support in the upper right corner.

You will now be redirected to the Get Support page, which will provide you with the option to “Follow Up On A Recent Case.”

2. Select the case that you want to check the status to view specific case details. 

On this page, as long as the case is open, you will be able to access the activity and information regarding the active case.

Whether you are trying to Submit a new Facebook Support ticket or check the status of an existing ticket - if you are having trouble, reach out to the BuyerBridge Support team anytime at support@buyerbridge.com for further assistance.