Inventory Setup & Schema Details for New Providers

This article outlines the schema for inventory being sent to the BuyerBridge platform and is intended as a guide for new feed providers who wish to integrate with us.


The platform will ingest inventory in any of the below formats. The most common format used is a CSV file.

Transfer Protocols

BuyerBridge supports HTTP or FTP for all formats above.  If FTP is the preferred transfer mechanism BuyerBridge is setup to either retrieve the data from an FTP server or, more commonly, accept remote FTP uploads.  New providers should indicate which protocol and configuration they prefer.

If the provider would like to send BuyerBridge their inventory via FTP we will supply connection details upon request.

Remote Dealer Identifiers (RDIs)

BuyerBridge uses RDIs to isolate a dealer's inventory within a feed provider as a whole.  For each format, the platform supports one master file with string IDs within it or separate files entirely.  It is up to the feed provider to determine which format fits their use case.


The schema for a vehicle can be found below. Fields with an * are required to ingest a vehicle.

Tables can't be imported directly. Please insert an image of your table which can be found here.

Field Type Values Notes***********