Monthly Updates - June 2021

🚀  Coming Soon

  • New Apple iOS 14 Update (Good News!) 

We are making updates and improvements to website conversion campaigns. These updates are part of the ongoing developments that we announced with our original iOS 14 guidance, and are meant to provide you with:

    • Increased flexibility and business value for campaign management
    • Measurement and optimization of your website conversion campaigns

Find out what these updates include and what to expect in the future here:
Coming Soon: Updates and Improvements to Website Conversion Campaigns

🎉  New Product Features

  • 3 Editable Templates: 2021 Buyback Playbook

We created brand-new agency resources for your agency to customize and take advantage of in an effort to help advance your agency and increase used-vehicle inventory for your dealer clients! Here are the 3 resources:

    • 2021 Buyback Playbook (one-pager)
    • 2021 Buyback Strategies (slide deck)
    • 2021 Buyback Email Sequence

Find out what’s inside of these new resources, plus how to access and customize them with this article here: 3 Editable Templates For Your Agency: 2021 Buyback Campaign

  • Custom PDF Performance Report Templates

Since introducing BuyerBridge’s PDF Performance Report Generation [V1], the BuyerBridge team has been hard at work to advance the tool and provide agencies with  the ability to create CUSTOM performance reports using:

    • Your agency’s branding
    • Personalized metrics
    • And custom report templates!

Discover what’s new + how to create, edit, and use the new PDF Report Template builder here: PDF Performance Report Builder [V2]

  • Now LIVE: Monitoring System

Our new Monitoring system is officially launched! This new BuyerBridge feature makes staying on top of your clients’ accounts easier than ever before. With this update, your agency will be able to:

    • Determine the status of the account
    • Quickly identify any issues with your dealer’s account
    • Resolve specified issues based on BuyerBridge’s suggested actions 
    • And more!

Here are all the details on our new Monitoring system: BuyerBridge Monitoring System [Phase 1]

🙌  Enhancements

  • UPDATE: Changing The Facebook Connection User For Your Agency

BuyerBridge now offers the functionality for agency users to change the Facebook Connection User if the Token becomes invalid. Learn why and when you would need to change the Facebook Connection User, plus how to change it here: Changing The Facebook Connection User For Your Agency

  • UPDATE: Self Service Onboarding For New Agencies

The Onboarding process that our existing partners (you) had to go through is no longer the same! Now, agencies can onboard themselves - if you want to know more about the new agency Onboarding process, read: Self Service Onboarding For Net New Agencies

  • UPDATES: Offline Event Uploader Tool 

Our team deployed the following updates to the Offline Event Uploader tool:

    • Larger file sizes are now able to be uploaded and do not require you to split the CSV file into multiple files! 
    • We are now taking sample rows from your CSV file to get the estimated Match Rate and issues/warnings. 
    • Users will be now able to upload files of up to 5,000 rows successfully through our platform.
  • UPDATE: Facebook Advertising Metric Funnel

We made some changes to the Facebook Metric Funnel on the Dealer Dashboard and Facebook Advertising Reporting Page.

    • The Funnel will now load with the All Traffic option selected.
    • Our old "Default" filter option has been renamed "Website Traffic."
    • To prepare the dealer dashboard for our future Omni-Channel expansion:
      • We updated the “Active Products” listing on the Dealer Dashboard to display Products in a way that accommodates additional channels (if any) that a dealer onboards.
      • You will be able to see the additional products on the Dealer Info page.
  • UPDATE: BuyerBridge Dashboard

BuyerBridge has migrated our knowledge base and support functions from Zendesk to Hubspot! You can now open HubSpot tickets directly in the dashboard. 

🔧 Bug Fixes and Improvements

  • Changes were deployed to the Offline Event Uploader that corrected issues where a phone number and email were required to be populated in the CSV file. 
    • The tool now requires either a phone number or email address to upload an Offline Event set.
    • BUT, it's always good to include more information if you have it!
  • We fixed an issue with the chatbot that was causing messages to be flagged as non-marketplace inquiries.
  • When the Marketplace product is removed from a dealer's account, the chatbot will be disabled.
  • Any agencies that no longer have an active dealer account as a result of the dealer deactivation will be HARD deleted! 
    • Agencies will not be deleted if they have any other active dealers attached to their accounts.
  • During onboarding, error messaging has been enhanced to let the user know if they are still waiting for page access to be accepted OR if Page Access has been granted with no permissions.