Monthly Updates - March 2021

🎉  New Product Features

  • BIG UPDATE (COMING SOON): Monitoring [Phase 1]

    We have been working hard behind the scenes to develop a Monitoring system to help agency users easily monitor their dealer clients’ accounts, and the time has finally come! With this update, your agency will be able to:

    • Determine the status of the account
    • Quickly identify any issues with the account
    • Resolve the specified issue based on the actions required
    • ...and more
      Get the details on our new monitoring system here: BuyerBridge Monitoring System [Phase 1]

🙌  Enhancements

  • UPDATES: Global Reporting Filters and Attribution Windows

    We've added the capability for users to further filter the data displayed on the Dealer Dashboard, and Dealer Reports like Facebook Advertising and Facebook Marketplace! For key reports, you will now see a new toolbar located at the top of the page that includes filters like:

  • UPDATE: Spend Override System

    In an effort to provide greater control over our reporting capabilities, we have added in the ability to include a Spend Override on the Facebook Marketplace Reporting Page. This allows you to set a Percentage of Spend or a Fixed Month Value override to better communicate your results to your customers. 

  • UPDATE: Offline Event Uploader Tool UI

    We wanted to make the process of uploading offline events easier for users, so we made a handful of updates to our Offline Event Uploader tool:

    • Users will now see instructions on the criteria needed for a successful upload displayed on the screen.
    • You will now be able to select the row in which header names are located (within the CSV being uploaded) to increase the accuracy of automatic column mapping. 
    • We eliminated the need to use a pre-provided CSV template or rename the columns prior to uploading your data.
      • Instead, just put the CSV file (that was exported from the CRM)directly into the Offline Event Uploader and start processing!
    • PLUS, Windows users are now able to upload CSV files!
      For details on this update as well as previous updates to our Offline Event Uploader Tool, read: Advancing Our Offline Event Uploader Tool Design
  • UPDATE: Dealer Info UI

     To improve accessibility on the Dealer Info page, we made the following enhancements:

    • Users now have the ability to access the "Add User" functionality directly from the Dealer Info page. 
      • Using the "Add User" function, you can easily Assign an Existing User to the Dealer or Add a New User from a new slide-out panel.
    • When submitting a new Lead Destination, users will now be required to check a box confirming that they agree to be responsible for verifying that leads are reaching their destination. 
      • Once you have checked the box to verify, you will need to press Submit.
      • In case assistance is needed, we have added our support email address.
        under the Submit button.
  • UPDATE: Onboarding UI

    Our team is aware that setting up Google Tag Manager can be pretty technical, which is why we've deployed a UI enhancement that allows users to create a Zendesk ticket to get their site provider added directly on the Google Tag Manager Setup page as part of the onboarding flow (if their site provider is not already populated in the system).

  • UPDATE: Amazon Web Services (AWS) Migration

    In order to enable faster response times, provide better security and higher SLAs, BuyerBridge’s infrastructure has migrated from our previous cloud-based infrastructure to “AWS” (Amazon Web Services), the leading Cloud-Based services provider and industry standard.

    • If you are using the BuyerBridge API, you will need to take the following action if you have not already: 
      • As part of this migration, we will also be deprecating all legacy API URLs that ran under the domain (e.g., etc).
      • If you have not already, please ensure all of your API connections are migrated to as we will only support API connections to! 

New Support Documentation 

🔧 Bug Fixes and Improvements

  • We deployed a patch to the dashboard that resolves a feature validation issue that was being experienced for users onboarding Marketplace & Advertising+ together.

  • Budget Pacing on the Dealer Dashboard was not properly reflecting the status color on values that were outside the established we worked on a UI fix to ensure the status color properly reflects values no matter where they fall with regards to the set threshold.

  • To avoid any issues where plays are unable to be built (even when using a valid address), we've updated plays to use latitude/longitude instead of address! With this update, there will be fewer playbook deployment failures. Keep in mind that the targeting will be identical, you just won't see the address in the ad set editor.

  • Prior to this month, we retrieved and stored stats in a way that prevented data from updating instantly...but we implemented a major refactor to the way we do this, which resulted in the following improvements:

    • Stats were moved to a central store (you'll notice that you no longer need to wait for the data to reload as you toggle between the reports for the same dealer)!

    • To ensure the loading of filtered stats is immediate, we've added an internal stats cache for various calls. In other words, if you were to change the date range for a report; when you change the date range back - the calls will instantly reload).

    • Our team was able to resolve reported issues with reloading (hanging loaders, etc). There's a lot going on behind the scenes to ensure this works, so if anyone sees continued issues please report it right away!

    • There were some issues with the calculations we used to determine whether offline events needed to be uploaded to generate sales attribution on the dealer dashboard. But now, those issues no longer exist.

  • We also made the following improvements to our Offline Events Uploader: 
    • Previously, after BuyerBridge analyzed the uploaded CSV files, the warning row number displayed was off by 1- but now, the number associated with the warning messages has been corrected!
    • There was an issue with invalid phone # warning messages when valid phone numbers were included in the CSV file, but no longer is that the case.
    • To ensure we are displaying the most up-to-date information on the Upload Status:
      • We are waiting until Facebook matches the valid records sent to the valid records received (in the preprocessing step).
      • When the records match, we will mark the Status as Complete and trigger the email response.
      • If Facebook processing takes longer than 2 hours, we will provide the current processing data that they have provided via email AND on the page under the Upload Status section that’s marked Complete.
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