MSN Auto Marketplace Premium Listings FAQs

Curious about MSN Auto Marketplace Premium Lisitings ?  Have questions? This page provides answers to some of the most common questions we've received about MSN Auto Marketplace Premium Listings.

Q: What is the difference between the MSN Auto Marketplace Free listings and the MSN Auto Marketplace Premium listings?

A: Unlike MSN Auto Marketplace Free Listings, Premium listings:

  • Will not have competitive ads on the dealer’s VDP.
  • Will include a storefront banner to introduce the dealership.
  • All listings will be marked as “Premium.”
  • All listings will receive Premium placement in the Marketplace.
  • No duplicate listings - Premium listings take priority.
  • Premium listings will have additional entry points to the Microsoft ecosystem.

Q: Does MSN Auto Premium work for New or Pre-Owned or both?

A: It is recommended to syndicate both new and pre-owned inventory.

Q:  Can RVs, Trailers, Marine, or Motorcycles be listed on the MSN Auto Premium Marketplace?

A: Not at this time.  The Premium program is limited to US Market passenger vehicles.

Q: What Microsoft properties are accessible?

A: Edge, Bing, Microsoft Start (Microsoft’s News App), Windows, Outlook and Mobile.

Q: When a customer clicks on a vehicle does it go to the store home page or directly to the VDP?

A: With MSN Auto Premium, customers will be brought directly to the VDP for their vehicle of interest.

Q: How many leads should be expected?

A: It is hard to gauge the number of leads - the concept is to drive high intent VDP traffic that would convert on your website.

Q: What is the total available audience?

A: Microsoft’s US Audience is 7M monthly users and growing!

Q: Is MSN Auto Marketplace Premium listings available in Canada?

A: No, currently the Microsoft Auto Marketplace is only available in the US.  However, the no cost listings are available in Canada.

Q: How are shoppers targeted?

A: Targeting is based on local shopper actions and intent, within the Microsoft system, as well as proximity to your dealership.

Q: Are the ads personalized?

A: Yes.  Inventory ads are fully personalized to the dealership, including location, hours and ability to call/chat.