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New Playbook Library

Introducing Our New Playbook Library  

With so many Playbooks to choose from, and only more to come, we are thrilled to announce the launch of our NEW Playbook Library!

The new Playbook Library has been built to provide simple search functionality and give users a way to easily locate all Playbooks through filtering (by OEM, campaign focus, etc). 

We want to help you go to market with more ready-to-deploy Facebook and Instagram advertising campaigns, already set with creative, copy, campaign strategy and audience targeting…

...which is why our team went to work and developed a multitude of new Playbooks!

Our playbooks range from a variety of strategies, like Awareness around your clients’ OEM brand, to Lead Generation for Automotive Ads, and much more.

To access the new Playbooks: Locate the menu and click Playbooks > Browse & Deploy.

NOTE: The BuyerBridge menu is getting a makeover, but only to make things more navigable. When this new menu launches, you can access the Playbook Library by clicking Ads > Playbooks.

This will immediately launch our Playbook Library, where you can check out all of our new and existing Playbooks, along with INSTANT ad previews! Now let’s get into the details... 

Playbook Categories: Launching December 7, 2020

More Playbooks mean more options, which can get slightly overwhelming!

Aware of this, we went ahead and broke down the Playbooks into the following categories: Miscellaneous, Automotive Inventory Ads (AIA), and OEM Specific

Miscellaneous Playbooks

General Service 

Using this Playbook will target prospective service audiences with your dealers’ current service offers and drive them to relevant service pages to take action.

  • At-Home Service Playbook
  • Standard Service Playbook


Offer an immediate solution for dealerships who need more pre-owned inventory fast! Find shoppers with top model lines and convince them to trade-in or sell their vehicles to your dealer clients.


This Playbook is designed to help you market BuyerBridge's product offerings to prospective dealerships and increase your agency’s sales opportunities. Jumpstart your messaging around our powerful inventory solutions and drive traffic to your website using Lookalike and Retargeting audiences. 

Automotive Inventory Ads (AIA) Playbooks 

Say hello to our 14 NEW AIA Playbooks! 

AIA - On-Facebook

Turn your dealer clients' inventory feed into Facebook Automotive Inventory Ads! These AIA Playbooks send shoppers to On-Facebook VDP pages for a seamless user experience and tracks all On-Facebook activity for future retargeting without any reliance on 3rd party cookies.

  • AIA - On-Facebook (All Inventory)
  • AIA - On-Facebook - New
  • AIA - On-Facebook - Used

AIA - Off-Facebook - Full Funnel  

Turn your clients’ inventory feeds into ads that drive traffic to dealers’ websites, then use our EventFlow technology to send critical activity back to Facebook for future retargeting. Get a full-funnel Facebook AIA strategy that proactively prospects, retargets, and drives leads from local in-market auto shoppers—all in one playbook!

  • AIA - Off-Facebook - Full Funnel New 
  • AIA - Off-Facebook - Full Funnel Used 
  • AIA - Off-Facebook - Full Funnel Body styles
  • AIA - Off-Facebook - Full Funnel New & Used
  • AIA - Off-Facebook - Full Funnel (All Inventory)

AIA - Off-Facebook 

Turn your dealer clients inventory feed into Facebook Automotive Inventory Ads! These AIA Playbooks send shoppers to dealers’ VDP pages on their website, then use EventFlow to send critical lead events and other activity back to Facebook for future retargeting. 

  • AIA - Off-Facebook (All Inventory)
  • AIA - Off-Facebook - New
  • AIA - Off-Facebook - Used 
  • AIA - Off-Facebook - Body styles

AIA - Lead Gen 

Tap your dealers' new inventory into Facebook's broad audience algorithm for a completely evergreen solution that will automatically match vehicles with prospective customers while retargeting them within a full-funnel approach.

  • AIA - Lead Gen - Prospecting
  • AIA - Lead Gen - Retargeting

OEM Specific Playbooks

OEM Branding

Showcase your dealer’s OEM-specific brand and what sets them apart from their competitors. Reach local in-market shoppers with education around the OEM vehicle line ups and value propositions that are unique to the brand.

  • Ford
  • Chevrolet 
  • Buick
  • GMC
  • Cadillac
  • Toyota

OEM Service 

Boost your OEM-specific dealer’s fixed-ops revenue with OEM-specific service content and offers. Uses dealers' current and prospective service audiences, Lookalike audiences for prospecting, and retargeting audiences of service-specific website visitors.

  • Quicklane 
  • Ford
  • Chevrolet
  • Buick
  • GMC
  • Cadillac
  • Toyota

COMING SOON: Top Model Lines by OEM